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lists snake poison rate nonePoisonous SnakesCoral snake - 2 to 5 ft. long, in Americas south of Canada; bite may be painless; slow onset of paralysis, impaired breathing; mortalities rare, but high without antivenom and mechanical respiration.Rattlesnake - 2 to 6 ft. long, throughout W. Hemisphere. Rapid onset of severe pain, swelling; mortality low, but amputation of affected digits is sometimes necessary; antivenom. Mojave rattler may produce temporary paralysis.Cottonmouth water moccasin - up to 5 ft. long, wetlands of southern U.S. from Virginia to Texas. Rapid onset of severe pain, swelling; mortality low, but tissue destruction can be extensive; antivenom.Copperhead - less than 4 ft. long, from New England to Texas; pain and swelling; very seldom fatal; antivenom seldom needed.Bushmaster - up to 12 ft. long, wet tropical forests of C and S America; few bites occur, but mortality rate is high.Barba Amarilla or Fer-de-lance - up to 7 ft. long, from tropical Mexico to Brazil; severe tissue damage common; moderate mortality; antivenom.Asian pit vipers - from 2 to 5 ft. long, throughout Asia; reactions and mortality vary, but most bites cause tissue damage and mortality is generally low.Sharp-nosed pit viper or One Hundred Pace Snake - up to 5 ft. long, in S Vietnam and Taiwan, China; the most toxic of Asian pit vipers; very rapid onset of swelling and tissue damage, internal bleeding; moderate mortality; antivenom.Boomslang - under 6 ft. long, in African savannahs; rapid onset of nausea and dizziness, often followed by slight recovery and then sudden death from internal hemorrhaging; bites rare, mortality high; antivenom.European vipers - from 1 to 3 ft. long; bleeding and tissue damage; mortality low; antivenoms.Puff adder - up to 5 ft. long, fat; south of the Sahara and throughout the Middle East; rapid large swelling, great pain, dizziness; moderate mortality often from internal bleeding; antivenom.Gaboon viper - over 6 ft. long, fat; 2-inch fangs; south of the Sahara; massive tissue damage, internal bleeding; few recorded bites.Saw-scaled or carpet viper - up to 2 ft. long, in dry areas from India to Africa; severe bleeding, fever; high mortality, causes more human fatalities than any other snake; antivenom.Desert horned viper - in dry areas of Africa and western Asia; swelling and tissue damage; low mortality; antivenom.Russell's viper or tic-polonga - over 5 ft. long,...

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1109 words - 4 pages fawns are harmless. There are no reports of vicious attacks by baby deer. It is because of that fact that Derbyshire’s argument is inherently flawed. Granted, there are people who are afraid of snakes in general and will run screaming from even the most harmless of the species, but there are many people who are able to tell the difference between a poisonous species of snake and those that are not, and modulate their behavior accordingly

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574 words - 2 pages environmental and genetic factors. Phobia can be caused by a traumatic event- if someone almost drowns then they may develop a fear of water. Phobia may also be in part genetic- studies show that twins tend to have the same phobias An interesting theory is that humans are "biologically prone" to having certain kinds of phobias, such as the fear of snakes, spiders or other potentially poisonous creatures, because those fears may have been crucial to the survival of humans long ago and they remain in our brains to this day . Yet this would only explain certain kinds of specific phobias, and not social phobia or Agoraphobia.

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