Pojman's Views On The World Phil 207 G Research Paaper

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Louis Pojam argues for objectivism instead of relativism in morality even though we are attracted to the idea of relativism. Ethical relativism is made up of a diversity and dependency thesis. The diversity thesis is also known as cultural relativism and basically states that morality is different between different societies. What might be socially acceptable towards one society might be completely immoral to another society under the same act. The dependency thesis is similar to the diversity thesis, but states that morality depends on the context of the society. There are two views on the dependency thesis. In one view it is the use of the moral principles that depends on the situation, but on the other hand the principles rely on the situation. Ethical relativism has two categories, subjectivism and conventionalism. The first is all about the individual and themselves. For example people such as hitler or the Unabomber justified their actions since it was their decisions. With...

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