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Climate change refers to the variations in the mean and variables of climate properties that persists over long periods and results in one among the most crucial and common problems in the current world. Often, climate change results from human activities or natural gases and has both physical and economic effects on the world and people. Climate change has social effects on aspects such as health, food production, and growth. Climate change causes tremendous spread of certain infectious diseases and increased death rates related to heat waves. Climate change would affect the health conditions of polar bears through malnutrition, high death rates, and frequent occurrence of diseases and injuries due to extreme changes in weather. In addition, high concentration of ozone gases at ground level causes cardio-respiratory diseases in urban areas (Richard, 2009).
In summary, climate change has physical and social effects on both human being and animals. The physical effects include increased temperatures, famines, high precipitation, and high sea levels. On the other hand, social effects include low food production due to high temperatures, spread of diseases and many others. The effects are unlikely to reduce unless a quick action is taken to curb the adverse climatic changes.
In the wild, polar bears typically live to be 20-30 years of age. Both females and males mature at the age between four and five years. Females regularly conceive their first litter of offspring when they are at maturity stage, while males do not generally begin mating until they are between eight and ten years of age. Mating happens in April to May, but delaying implantation, the fertilized egg cease developing at the early stage, implies that fetal formation does not start until September-October. What is to come for the polar bear is affected by various variables, for example, environmental change, ecological poisons, and the food they consume.
The populaces of polar bears living most remote to the north (in the northern Greenland, more distant to the north, and Canadian Arctic Islands) have really seen populace builds lately and may survive inconclusively (Peacock 2013).Nevertheless, they will be at danger from continued change in climate; contaminants in the Arctic; expanded infection chance; and diminished hereditary differences (Stirling 2012).
Throughout late fall, females polar bears go into hibernation and stay there around four months. At the start of January, between one and three cubs are conceived depending upon the age of mother and condition. The infant offspring are amazingly little, weighing just about half a kilo, yet they develop quickly because of the high fat substance of their mother's milk. The offspring stay with the mother until they are more than two years of age. The newborn child death rate is high and can surpass 70%. Just around a third of offspring reach two years.
Polar bears are a very specialized animal categories living basically by...

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