How To Help The Polar Bears

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Polars bears are very distinct from other bears, having white fur. But despite what we commonly think, polar bears come in many colours, from white to a creamy yellow, and even a light brown in the summer. Polar bears are absolutely enormous, and can weigh 350-680 kg, or 770-1500 lbs! They also have huge feet, which they use as paddles when swimming in the arctic waters; they also work as snowshoes when they are walking on land. They are also the largest bear, along with the Kodiak bear.

Interesting Facts

Polar bears can walk on snow humans would break, due to tiny grips on the bottoms of their feet, these are called papillae.

Canada has 60% of the total polar bear population


Polar bears, similarly to other bears, are omnivores. Their diets consist of a berry named after them; "bearberries", they primarily feed on ringed seals, but they also prey on bearded seals, harp seals, hooded seals, and harbour seals. On occasion, they may kill walruses, belugas, white whales, or even narwhals. In the summer they eat more plants than in the winter, things like kelp and seaweed


The only predators of the Polar Bear are humans. The Polar Bear's conservation status is vulnerable, meaning that it has a high risk of endangerment in the wild. Global warming is incredibly dangerous for the polar bears. Ice cap melting is a huge threat to polar bears. 20% of all polar bears live in the arctic. If they melt, this is a double decimation to the polar bear population, and with how countries are fighting over control of the arctic, because of the diamond resources found there, this can only spell doom for the polar bears; and with the ice caps melting, polar bears are being forced further and further south, and the ones that don't go south in time, end up being trapped, or worse, they end up drowning. Currently, an...

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