Polar Ice Caps Melting Essay

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This article shows how the ice caps have been melting faster in the last 20 years than in
the last 10,000. The satellite sturdy have had confirmed that the melting ice caps are raising sea
levels at an higher rate. My topic is about how ice caps have increase their melting rate in the
past centuries. Many have notice the ice caps have been getting frozen ones again but they have
not noticed the ice is thinker and thinker. In the past centuries this couple years have been a huge
change with our ice caps. This means if we this keeps having we are expecting longer summer
and less winter season. It’s not only going hurt us but also our animals. We not might see the bad
affect but later in life our kids and grandchildren’s will be the ones will suffer because of men
hand. In the couple reports I was looking at it showed how 95 percent confident that global
warming has been caused by humans up to 90 percent in 2007.
When this layer melts , the earth absorbs heat and the temperatures rises. When the
temperatures rises, more moisture is retained in the warmer atmosphere , creating heavy rain.
This is important because many people think it’s normal and natural changes. But they don’t
realize it’s our fault we not see it but everything we do its only hurting the earth. You might be
asking yourself how its man hand , we consume for then we need and that turns into trash were

into pollution . My research it’s going to help you because it gives you prove like for example ,
Polar ice caps melting data , animals of the polar ice caps , how does global warming work and
many more. Ice caps might still be getting frozen but they are thinner than they were before .
This’s really important because the polar ice caps affect the earths rise in sea level and changes in
the circulation. Many solutions that can put...

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