Polaris Versus Ski Doo Essay

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Brp, the sound of a favorite way to pass the winter months by many, snowmobiling. There is just one problem when it comes around to snowmobiling through, which one is the best buy. According to my research, arctic cat and Yamaha are definitely out of the race, as for Polaris and Ski Doo, they run very close, but Polaris beats Ski Doo by just enough in every category of part and build “Polaris Sled Review” Nov. 4th 2013, Nov. 28th 2013, Snowest.com

Polaris from the beginning set out to not only beat themselves with new designs but also every competitor. They always want to give the rider the full effect and control over their vehicle. This all starts with the body build of the machine. When polaris started to compete and really started to build their high end machines they focused on the body. Polaris industries want to thin it down while keeping the ability to work under the hood, without compacting everything together. They also made the body to weigh less and be more aerodynamic than their main competitor Ski Doo, which they definitely accomplished when they came out with the Iq and Assault Rmk back in 2006. “Polaris Sled Review” Nov. 4th 2013, Nov. 28th 2013, Snowest.com

Next to a Ski doo the Polaris may look a little more intimidating and scary and this is even more true when you open the hood of the two sleds. The Skidoo has a more rounded motor and it is a little more flat unlike the polaris that is more bulky and looks like two cannons under the hood pointing up. The bigger motor is definitely more powerful for getting unstuck. Sitting along side the motor is the Polaris clutch and the main piece that every snowmobiler knows is the best on the market, (“Polaris Sled Review” Nov. 4th 2013, Nov. 28th 2013, Snowest.com) The clutch has stronger springs and more hardened steel in its weights to help with durability and strength when taking off. The fuel injection system and the throttle system is better than Ski Doo because Polaris was first to manufacture one that showed what it could do, setting a world record 412 foot jump with six time X Game gold medalist Levi Lavallee riding it.

When people take off on their snowmobile they usually are planning on a longer journey that takes most of the day. Polaris has recognised this in their designs making every ounce of their trail sleds comfortable. It doesnt matter if you are young or old a Polaris snowmobile will allow you to ride in comfort for longer times and with less pain. Some reasons why the sleds are so comfortable is the accessories that polaris puts on. The seat that Polaris chose to use is made with thicker material than Ski Doo to reduce rips and tears in the seat, while still giving it the great cushioning that people want (Design, Nov. 28th, Polaris.com) The side foot rails on a Polaris are another key feature, right from the stock manufacturing job the rails give better traction. If you wanted the same for Ski Doo you would have to buy them separate and put them on. The lights...

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