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Police Job Descriptions Essay

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A job description involves giving the roles and responsibilities which an individual or a group of people are supposed to accomplish in their various careers or departments. The purpose of a job description is to make someone aware of the duties to carry out and what are the expected outcomes. In giving a job description the following are included; the job title, what are the objectives of the job, daily tasks to be performed, the working conditions and a clear guidance and instructions to be adopted (BIS, 2011). The following are the job descriptions for various positions in police departments.
Police officer (Detective)
The main role of a police officer is on serious crime investigations and heads the other police constables in detecting, prevention and investigation of serious crime in such areas as, financial fraud, theft, arson, rape and murder. The detective carries out patrols in the assigned regions, ensuring law and order is maintained, conducting first hand investigations in areas of crime and supervising undercover operations. They are responsible for the arrest of crime victims and should testify in court and among other duties act as escorts for the VIPs and be familiar with different types departmental weapons (LVMPD)
Victim advocate supervisor
The victim advocate supervisor is responsible for directly supervising the advocates who represent the victims together with the witnesses of all the crimes; ensuring the departmental employee is performing their duties. The advocate is also responsible for conducting interviews to the victims in order to determine their needs, and then act accordingly by providing the information and services needed. They also come up with work plans for the investigation progress and spearhead the selection of new staff members.
Victim Advocate
They help in crime intervention for the purpose of assisting the crime victims in all categories, they also conduct interviews to the victims so as to assess their demands and give them advices accordingly. They work in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, and are responsible for presenting cases to the general public, educating, informing and conduct trainings to members of department and the law enforcement agencies (Boise, Glen $ Paul)
Director of Maintenance
The director of maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of all fire arms and machineries in the police department. They ensure that all the machineries are in their good working conditions and also keeping records of all the materials, spare parts, tools management and equipments in various workshops on different departments. The director of mechanic also administers duties and responsibilities...

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