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MendezMarisol MendezDr. CherryEnglish 13001.7100215 September 2014TitleAnyone who has ever achieved anything has had to face many obstacles to accomplish their goals. But what defines their success is never how many obstacles stand in their way, but how many obstacles they overcome. Even though I might have to overcome many tough obstacles in order to become a police officer, I believe that it is important to protect the public and prevent crime.In order to gain a position in the police force, I will have to pass various examinations, such as a written exam that will be based on correct wording, grammar, spelling and punctuation. This exam seems fairly easy because I am good with language arts and reading. Perhaps whenever it comes my time to take this examination, I will ace it. Physical fitness test, drug test, medical examination, and background investigation are other examinations that I will have to pass in order to work in the police force.Some relatively common minimum requirements to become a police officer include having at least a high school diploma or GED or a higher college level education, being a United States citizen, at least 21 years old, having a valid driver's license, and having no felony convictions. I will not do anything illegal, I will maintain a good reputation, keep a good driving record, maintain good credit, improve all of my communication skills, practice to improve my observation and memory skills, and become as physically fit as can be. How well I do on written tests and during interviews can be very important when trying to get police officer job. I will have to make sure to prepare for any tests and interviews.The police academy training also prepares police officers for active duty. The training probably has to be the hardest obstacle for me because it requires intense physical workouts. The first week in training I will have to run, and do calisthenics, which consists of push-ups, crunches, and jumping jacks. I will also have to use the medicine ball to do sit-ups, twist and hand offs, curls presses and extended workouts. Each week I will have to do the sets and reps for these physical workouts and each week the exercises double, so I will have to do double the work.Finding the job as a police officer will definitely be the second hardest obstacle. There will be a lot of competition in order for me to get into police training. That is because the job is high profile and very rewarding. The pay is good, the benefits are good and if you keep your nose clean you keep the job. In the past, becoming a police officer was not as difficult as it is today. One of the main reasons that getting a police officer jobs is more difficult now, is that there are many more applicants than there used to be.On the bright side there will be many great benefits if i become a police officer. City...

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689 words - 3 pages When you think of police what does it mean to you? The responsibility of a police officer is to protect the public and to serve the community. Also, they detect and to prevent crime, police officers strive to maintain the law. New police officers work with the general duty as patrol divisions, that provides a range of experiences and assignments. The General duty of policing involves patrolling in assigned areas to enforce laws


1307 words - 5 pages POLICE OFFICER TRAINING CURRICULUM      The curriculum that is devised for a police officer is very important to the police officer and his or her success in their chosen career path. An officer’s training is also very important to the community in which they serve and the department in which they work. An officer must receive training in a variety of fields to help them be a well-rounded police officer. Officers

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1444 words - 6 pages respond to a call. Police officers are expected to go into dangerous and risky situations and defuse them, not every one likes to do that, some people just want to sit at a desk all day and be at peace. Police officers have a lot of responsibility, because of that they have to go through vigorous training in a police academy and college. The jobs of police officers are very diverse, one minute a police officer might be directing traffic, and than the

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1198 words - 5 pages It would be fulfilling to be a police officer because police officers help people in the community and keep it safe. They also enforce the law. They are the reason why people can live their lives in peace. If there is anyone in the community that citizens can trust it would be the police officers. Police officers have to accomplish many things in their workday. (Career Cruising.com) They have to write detailed reports and fill out forms

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566 words - 2 pages Job one: Police Officer -state1. Police officer for the state government2. Main tasks involved include:- Undertake community policing activities- Patrol assigned areas- Apprehend law breakers- Investigate criminal offences- Guard prisoners- Undertake random breath tests on drivers- Make secure sense of crimes and accidents3. Personal requirements needed include:- Interested in helping people- Able to stay calm in difficult situations- Honest and

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1003 words - 4 pages -after and desirable profession is that of a police officer. The aspects of this job are appealing even to young children. Helping people, serving the community, and ensuring safety locally is certainly something people would love to do. Officers feel completely gratified knowing that they are influential and a positive role model in someone else's life. The main disadvantage of the job is knowing that aiding someone could be potentially

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2313 words - 10 pages What Does It Take To Be A Police Officer? My heart skipped a beat and immediately my mind started racing; was she speeding? Did she not make a complete stop? Why was the officer behind us with his lights on? Were all thoughts that crossed my mind when an officer turned on his blue and red lights as my mom drove. Couldn’t help but feel like we were in trouble, but as quickly as those thoughts came; they went away as he whizzed right past us

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1639 words - 7 pages lifetime worth it. Something that people should set into place is a plan for their future. A plan that would help not only directs their path in life, but the paths of those around them too. My plan in life is to become a Police Officer. Not only would that give me the opportunity to help other people but becoming a Police Officer also gives me the opportunity to follow in my Uncles footsteps and do something that I have wanted to do my whole life. I

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