Police Prejudice And Racism Essay

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There are many instances where minorities are not given the chance to prosper in American society. The same system that promises all men equal opportunity has turned its back in the face of minorities. We plan to examine some segments of this system, namely the media and the criminal justice system, exposing injustices burdening minorities in America.
The media, in particular broadcasting news, has catered to stereotypes of non-whites by over-representing minorities as the assailants in violent crime. These types of practices are clearly detrimental to the advancement of those who have been handicapped by the ignorance of the past. In the first part of the paper we examine the effects of the rise of local news, charting specific studies geared toward presenting its damaging effects.
The second section of the paper is comprised of cases documenting apparent discriminatory treatment of minorities in the criminal justice system. Racial cues about crime that have been embedded into the minds of the public lead to unfair cynicism about suspects based on race. Practices such as police corruption aimed at minorities highlight this portion of the paper.
These are just a few of the ways that the America has cloaked the face of justice with the veil of race. Bias against minorities is apparent in all of America's systems and must be uncovered before any type of action can be taken. Though in some cases it is more easily discovered than others are, the first step is making these problems aware to the public.

In today’s realm of receiving information, it is almost evident that people learn about the larger world beyond their immediate experiences primarily through television news broadcasts. Since these findings have come to light, many have attempted to determine the effects and significance of the shift from print media to television as the dominant media for information.
Despite the fact that television is still the dominant source, there have been shifts involving the consumption of news programming. There has been a significant fall in the reliance of the networks and their national newscasts for America's news. Today more people are relying on the reports given by local news programs than on that of the networks. Several surveys have recorded this shift as early as 1993, denoting that much of America cites local news on television as their major source of information.
An even stronger argument than media usage surveys is the relative share of viewing audience commanded by either network or local news programs.
Based on Nielsen audience ratings from the country’s two largest media markets (Los Angeles and New York), it is clear that the number of Americans who tune in to local news programs on a daily basis far exceeds those who watch national newscasts. Averaging across both markets, the cumulative audience for evening local news easily surpasses the...

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