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Police Story 3: Super Cop is the third installment of the Police Story franchise, where Jackie Chan, playing Chan Ka-Koey, stars as a Hong Kong-based police who is working undercover for the Chinese police to arrest a drug warlord. The story contains Jackie Chan’s usual hair-raising gamut of death-defying stunts, flights, and detonations. He battles against the villains atop moving motorcycle, train, cars, speed boat, trucks, and helicopter. This exhibits the concept of masculinity of Chen. However, he does not fit in every definition of masculinity. Masculinity in modern film heroes consists of physically dominate individuals with tough exteriors and rigid movements. Yet, Chan comes off as ...view middle of the document...

He twists back-and-fourth to avoid stationary objects and to avoid the attempts of his assailants to knock him off. These movements are performed and filmed in a believable way that is intended to keep the audience entertained. Chan, who would rather risk his life than see crimes occurring, performs these stunts with bravery and confidence to bring out the theme of masculinity in. His portrayal of masculinity glamorizes the role of the man in society to a point that the audience begins to question his sanity. Men are usually perceived as the protectors in society. The director tries hard to fit Chan into that role. However, audiences identify with Chan’s persona because he symbolizes the force of good in society, which must triumph over wickedness. Female audiences are also likely to be charmed by his gentlemanly demeanor.
The theme of masculinity is also emphasized because Jackie Chan, who plays as Chan Ka-Koey, does not use a stuntman; he does the deathly stunts himself. This makes his attempt at absolute masculinity believable and earns him respect from audiences. If an audience watches what they perceive to be real or authentic movements, they have a different movement of physical response than they would while watching what they perceive as camera tricks. The presence and participation of Jackie Chan to really do the stunts create a touch of peril. This is translated into the audience’s experience and enriches the intensity of the movie because audiences are aware of the differences between special effects and real movement.
Some contradictions of femininity in Police Story 3: Super Cop is portrayed largely by Michelle Yeoh, who stars as Inspector Yang. She is cast as a proficient martial artist and leader. This is a contradiction to frequently stereotypes of femininity, as expressed in most pictures. Usually, women are cast into positions of weakness, where their physical strength does not dominate. Conventionally female stars in roles where the male hero should save them. For example, when Yang appears for the first time, she is wearing a masculine military uniform. She is very agile in her movements and posture and does not conform to the damsel-in-distress persona of frailty that has pervaded the film industry. In addition, she is an inspector, which evokes the traditional model of masculine protection and power. On the other hand, Chan’s stature and posture contradict masculinity. He appears feeble and physically weak. At times, he is portrayed as shy and not as agile as Yang. In this regard, he does not conform to the stereotypical protector tag that is accorded to masculine heroes. A scene where Chan appears feminine when in a photo session, Chan wears lipstick and feminine make-up. This highlights his contradiction to the masculine role he is playing in the movie. After Chan and his companions are apprehended in a restaurant, Yang comes to save them. In this scene, Chan plays...

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