Policies And Procedures For Science And Technology

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Policies and Procedures for Science and Technology
Policies and procedures can quickly become out-of-date if an effective policy coordination function is not coupled. The creation of science and technology policy and procedure is to response for the documentation, maintenance, distribution of policy records, and up-to-date procedures along with providing guidance in collecting and preparing documents, even on criminal investigation and prosecutions.
Documenting, policies, procedures, and delegations should enable efforts in criminal investigation and prosecution by addressing a number of key points: ease of access, cost effectiveness, responsiveness, and accountability (University of California Santa Cruz, 1994).
Ease of access. Policy and procedure manuals always do not exist as up-to-date. Investigators or prosecutors cannot always find the documents needed to make informed decisions. Therefore, an up-to-date, online system will permit those who use or are directly affected by policies and procedures to have the access confidentially, when needed.
Cost effectiveness. A designated office or a facility should be dedicated to maintaining files, resources, or other relevant documents. The facility should be responsible to respond to requests for documents as needed. However, using human resources within the facilities may be better assigned to investigative activities. Therefore, a comprehensive, directive policy and procedure should result in the following benefits: less time spent on the telephone, or e-mail; locate a person, either a detective or a forensic technician, to whom a question can be addressed; fewer errors; and provide consistent answers (University of California Santa Cruz, 1994, p. 2).
Responsiveness. Policy and procedures can provide the ability to quickly update, and disseminate procedures, via investigative or prosecution, and apprehend changing needs to a new environments, or cases.
Accountability. A clearly written, readily available policy and procedure should provide elements and standards to crime scene responders, forensic labs, and prosecutors. Because a policy and procedure system should be easily accessible by investigative team, or prosecutors, documents compiled should be written comprehensibly by a wide audience.
The discoveries of the cell, microorganisms, and the means to detect and study them have paved the way for forensic science. Advancements in technology have allowed the use of forensic science to aid investigators in gathering and analyzing evidence. Forensic pathology is one branch of forensic science. Forensic pathologists gain an understanding of the circumstances surrounding a victim’s death by studying the corpse. One of the main purposes of a forensic pathologist is to perform an autopsy (O'Connor, 2009). The autopsy will determine the cause of death. The forensic pathologist will process the types of injury the individual suffered before dying. Sites of interest would...

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