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Policing In The Future Essay

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Policing in the Future Police are granted, with the authority to use force to perform their duties. A police officers utter presence, intimidating demeanor and verbal commands can be considered by many citizens as a use of force. Police use force to makes arrests, overcome resistance and to protect themselves and others from harm. There are various levels of force police can use to accomplish this task. The level of force used by the police depends on the situation they encounter. Police use of force can be divided into three categories which are controlling force, inuring force and deadly force. The public understands there will be situations when police must use force to subdue a resistive or confrontational individual. However, the public is sometimes shocked by the amount of force that is required to take a combative individual into custody. Policing in the Twenty-First Century is challenging with the advance of technology. Capturing use of force incidents between suspects and police can now be easily recorded by electronic items such as cell phones, and cameras. This presents an immense challenge for law enforcement personnel and requires police to be more aware of their actions. Police officers must also receive better equipment and training to avoid problems with using force. Training law enforcement personnel on how to deal with resistive and combative individuals will minimize negative backlashes relating to use of force. Many tribulations between the police and the public stem from use of force incidents. These problems can later manifest into public distrust and hate of the police. Another area where use of force presents a problem is the monetary loss from lawsuits. Two of the largest riots in Los Angeles can be attributed to police use of force. In order to curtail problems with use of force incidents, police departments nationwide must properly train police officers in all aspects pertaining to the use of force.California Penal Code section 835a provides police with the right to use force against resistive or combative individuals. California penal code section 835a states, "Any peace officer who has reason to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a public offense may use reasonable force to affect the arrest, prevent escape or to overcome resistance" Hunt, D. & Rutledge, D (2006). To date, the most famous use of force incident is the Rodney King beating. The incident which was recorded by a bystander captured several Los Angeles Police Officers beating a black motorist, King, after a car chase. The incident was afterward televised around the country and lead to public outrage alleging police brutality on part of the Los Angeles Police Department. The officers involved in the incident were tried for using excessive force on King and later acquitted of the charge. The outcome of the trail sparked the infamous 1992 Los Angeles Riots which caused death and millions of dollars in damage to the city.The 1989 landmark...

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