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Policing Modern Society Essay

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This essay will contain the ways policing modern society changed throughout the years, and it will show the differences between problem-oriented policing and community policing. It will also show how communities felt safer.

Policing modern society
Modern policing plays a vital role in today’s society. More importantly, the introduction of modern technology contributed to the success of police operation. Both the problem oriented policing and community policing are significant in today’s modern society in solving and preventing crimes. Before modern policing came around in the second quarter of the 19th century, law-enforcers usually consisted of soldiers, city watchmen, guards or other people of authority or military experience. As late as the 1700s, modern police had not yet arrived on the scene as we do today. In today’s society, problem oriented and community policing link vitally for the safety and well-being of people in solving and preventing crimes, and the success thereof is contributed largely to the introduction of modern technology. As it’s written in the Criminal justice in Canada by Colin Goff (six editions) “police patrols didn’t reduce the crime rate; detectives didn’t solve a lot of crime; and arrests didn’t necessarily deter would-be criminal” which tells us that policing was not good in the 80s comparing to today. This led to communities hiring private security companies to protect them. According to Sherman (1986) “citizens weren’t calling the police to report crimes and were living with significant fear of crime.” Until (1979) when Herman Goldstein published an article which changed the style of policing, which indicates that; instead of officers spending their time responding to citizens they should use their energy responding to crimes and complains. I think this type of policing (problem-oriented policing) can work very well.
Problem-oriented policing
Problem oriented policing is a policing strategy that involves the identification and analysis of specific crimes and disorder problems, in order to develop effective response strategies in conjunction with ongoing assessment. Unless the community policing, problem oriented policing has no mission statement. They focus solemnly in dealing with the chronic nature of crime that is being repeated and how it started. They also determined to find the cure of the crime rather than treating the crime one step at a time. The patrol officers handle the possible exploration within the community in response to complaints, or problem by the citizen. Once the problem is identified, the officers work closely with the community in solving a solution which then can lead to arrest of the law breaking individual.
The problems oriented policing proactively response, and follow...

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