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Police departments have four styles of doing things. The four styles are; crime fighter, social agent, law enforcer and watchman style. Policing styles is a group of police departments' method, routines, and processes. A watchman style focuses on law enforcement activities on keeping the peace in the community. It is mostly based on order maintenance, and police officers judge the seriousness of the damage by analyzing the immediate and personal effects of the offense rather than the legal status of the offense. The social agent places an emphasis on serving people and helping the community as well. It is not focused on enforcing the law. The style uses informal ways to integrate and aid with the public. The style is suitable for suburban, middle-class communities with large populations. It also has frequent contact with the public but does not make many arrests. They are happy to work with people with special needs, such as orphans, homeless, school kids, and those in need of emergency services (Bayley, 1986).

Law enforcement style put stress on violation of the law and depends on threats of actual arrest. It focuses on solving disputes as like watchman, but they use formal method to settle disputes rather than informal methods. They emphasize their role as law enforcers. The style is mostly found in larger cities with large population and an organized government. They prefer working on serious crimes. Crime fighter style focuses on the victim. They protect the community from murders and rapist. They tend to consider property crimes less important and would be better be handled by other agencies of the government (Marx, 1974).

The most efficient of style policing is social agent style. It is concerned with helping rather than strictly enforcing laws, and it is...

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