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Policing The Cloud Essay

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Policing the cloud is a difficult task as the internet and web are very big places. In my essay I will cover the reasons for the need to police the cloud and how it is policed so i shall start with:
Understanding Cloud Computing.
Hacking - why it is done?
- how its done?
- who are hackers?
Security and how it is implemented into Software as a Service Platform as a Service & Infrastructure as a service

Understanding Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing, well it is the ability to use virtual machine on servers somewhere in the world to get work done, store data and use virtual machine to compute over the internet.
Cloud computing is the ability to use ...view middle of the document...

A developer will completely customise these elements and tailor if to exactly how they want it this approach is for people who know what they are doing and expensive.

When there are many people trying to use a web application at the same time and they go to the server and they cant access it, its because there are too many people on that server at once. To get more people using that web application at the same time a cluster of servers has to be set up this means that multiple server are connected together so that they can handle all of the people using that application. All of the servers are connected up together and their data bases have to copied from one server to the others so if a user connects to a server that they haven't been on before their information is there because they all have the exact same data now that the servers have been clustered.
IaaS is far more flexible and scaleable you can do anything with it is completely tailorable to your need but it cost more money than the other types.

Platform as a Service (Paas)
This type of cloud computing is where developers but a platform to develop their web application. A company with server have a platform in their serves instead of putting on your own virtual machine that have all that work done for you. When you buy your space from that company you can use the tools provided by the company to develop your web application, then when it is done users can access it from the web and interface with it. The benefits of this is that a novice can make a web application and publish it and not have to worry about the technical side of it. They also get support from the company the buy this from as well as data management this means that if anything goes wrong on the hardware side they will always have their information no matter what. Red Hat’s, OpenShift & Pagoda Box are PaaS vendors who will provide you with every thing you need to develop and publish your creation.
PaaS offers a pre existing environment all ready there just waiting to be set up by a developer for uses.

Software as a service (SaaS)
This form of cloud computing it the one people are more familiar with, it is pure web application where companies like google own the server’s and employ the people who created the web application and update them. SaaS is typically free or subscription based it is the type of service just made for users like Google Drive Plixer iClouds Pages, Keynote & Numbers. All these web applications just need to be logged onto there is no additional software needed to be installed on your own computer just a web browser like chrome. SaaS is a place online to work and store information. One of SaaS most popular features is that it can be accessed by any device with a web browser so smart phone and tablets can make full use of these web applications.
SaaS offers a pre existing platform and application that are already configured to suite users. This is the cheapest form of cloud computing and it is...

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