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Policy Essay

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PolicyCanada is an energy surplus county which is aligned with OPEC countries for its Crude oil export. Canada has good quantity of gas and petroleum reserve in western Canada. Alberta alone produces about 80% of the total crude oil production (International energy agency). Although Alberta's oil and gas don't have any significant role world market but it has very important role in trade with other provinces and continental America. Alberta supplies around 10% of the American oil imports. Alberta's economy is thus heavily dependent upon non renewable gas and oil. Energy policy of Canada thus plays a vital role in Alberta's Oil industry. The energy policy of Canada was never steady which helps other oil importing provinces and by joining Kyoto Protocol production of oil in Alberta faces certain uncertainty.Most of the Alberta's oil discovery took place in 1950s and 1960s. At that time control over natural resource was under provincial government and this gave provincial government of Alberta to control oil fields. The government at that time took "had off" policy. The goal of the policy was to encourage multinational big companies will produce oil of their own and provincial government be benefited with royalties and this money will be used to develop the province. But the first oil shock changed federal government to change its policy. In 1973 for Arab-Israel war OPEC increased the price 70% and refused to sell oil to west. Alberta wanted to exploit the situation and gain as much profit as it can make. But the price increase of Alberta's oil hampered the oil importing provinces, and this made federal government freeze oil price. Although world market price was high importing provinces got Alberta's oil in cheap with federal involvement.Again, when Trudeau's government was in serious trade deficit federal government wanted share from oil export. His government formed National Energy Programme (NEP) to get control over provincial government in energy sector. Federal government formed Petro-Canada a crown corporation to increase government involvement. To get more control Trudeau threat to amend the constitution but separatist movement holt him to amend. In 1986 federal and provincial government reached an agreement where they agreed not to...

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669 words - 3 pages The definition of policy according to Thomas Dye is "Public policy is whatever governments choose to do or not to do. Governments do many things. They regulate conflict within society; they organize society to carry on conflict with other societies; they distribute a great variety of symbolic rewards and material services to members of the society; and they extract money from society, most often in the form of taxes. Thus public policies may

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1624 words - 6 pages Monetary Policy Paper Introduction Fiscal and monetary policies focus on quickly returning the economy to sustainable, healthy growth. Any type of fiscal relief package will boost consumer and business spending and can augment the nation's long-term growth potential. Expansionary monetary policy can stimulate growth and provide insurance against the possibility of deflation. This paper will present information on four topics: (1) tools

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1717 words - 7 pages Policy change is something that has been taught briefly since most of us have been in high school. But does society really understand why policy changes and what is affecting it. Is there policy change for political gains, change of environment, social issues or are their constraints that cause our political actors to act a certain way or influence policy in a different way then expected. Throughout time we see abrupt changes in history like

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1344 words - 6 pages Policy risk of Argentina Budgetary policy is lacking of rigor due to the conflict among departments and the restricted import policy. Argentina’s policy remained a controversial conflict between executive department and congress. Because the Kirchner government enjoys a high popularity and controls the majority seats in congress, it passed some controversial legislation, and those actions bring criticism within the country. For instance, in

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1756 words - 7 pages As the chair of this newly created central bank, I present to you a guideline statement. This statement will discuss the importance of transparency in our new central bank and will focus on our objectives and principles that will be mandated. Transparency will be one of the most important aspects of this central bank along with accountability and public disclosure. This means that the monetary policy set forth by our central bank will be

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1338 words - 5 pages Introduction Monetary policy is among the many tools used by a national government to manipulate its financial system. Monetary policy refers to the method used by the financial authority of any country to control the supply and availability of money (Woelfel, 1994). It is often targeted at interest rates to achieve lay down objectives directed towards economic growth and stability (Woelfel, 1994). Monetary policy rests on the link between

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995 words - 4 pages Aside from creating and enforcing regulations and laws the government has an important part in encouraging and fostering economic growth. One of the ways that government can manipulate the trends in the economy is called a fiscal policy. A fiscal policy according to Colander is an intentional change made to governmental spending or taxes that leads to either stimulation or a slow down in the economy (2004). The contents of this paper will show

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841 words - 3 pages The Federal Reserve?s Monetary Policy is the most important function of the Fed and is probably the most used policy in macroeconomics. (Colander p.333). This paper will use The Monetary Policy Report submitted to the Congress on July 20, 2004 and Macroeconomics by David Colander to discuss the state of the economy, concerns of the Federal Reserve, and the stated direction of recent monetary policy.The term "monetary policy" refers to the

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617 words - 3 pages In the current settings that this writer work as a hospice Register Nurse and Long-term care facility nurse, this writer personally have not directly contributed to any policy development but have encounter policy issues in the long-term care setting that needs changing in order to promote better health. One of the issue is in the long-term care setting that this writer encounter when working on the weekends. Most of the patients are follow by

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1218 words - 5 pages Several years ago, with the onset of the economic and financial crisis (2008-2009), the Federal Reserve took exceptional measures in order to combat the effects of the crisis on the American economy. These measures translated into an expansionary policy that included pumping money in the economy and purchasing assets that were in trouble. Through its expansionary work, the government was able to balance some of the effects of the crisis. The

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2676 words - 11 pages Social Policy In This essay I will look at what is new about New Labour in regard to social policy. To begin a description of social policy is provided together with a brief history of the welfare state in Britain. A strong debate exists in social policy as to whether provision is about social care or control. This debate will be explored. The three prevailing political ideologies Social Reformism, Market Liberalism

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733 words - 3 pages Fiscal Policy can be explained in many ways, for example. Fiscal policy is the use of the government budget to affect an economy. When the government decides on the taxes that it collects, the transfer payments it gives out, or the goods and services that it purchases, it is engaging in fiscal policy. The primary economic impact of any change in the government budget is felt by particular groups—a tax cut for families with children, for example