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Policy Analysis Paper

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The historical background culture change for long term care for the elderly with a disability and how it affects individuals and their caregivers, and where culture change is headed in the future is crucial for more strides to be made toward improving long-term care. People working in long-term care are beginning to understand that culture change is a progressive way of thinking that, for the sake of those who are being supported, is becoming the new standard of care for both elders and individuals with disabilities, not the exception to the rule. When the historical foundation generation often coined as the “greatest generation” was crucial in shaping our country’s history in the 20th century. Living through the Great Depression, winning WWII, and working tirelessly to provide for their families were some of the trademarks of these dedicated individuals. This generation proved through action that it wanted the best for its country and was willing to sacrifice for the sake of the greater good. These traits have caused this generation to also be called the “compliant generation.” This model of care describes the
“classic” description of a nursing home; one that places the individual in a system-centered,
medically-oriented care facility with a paternalistic, “doctor knows best” approach to care. In
this type of facility, patients are expected to be compliant and go along with whatever is
decided for them. This is the environment people often refer to when they say, “Don’t ever
stick me in a nursing home.” Unfortunately for many people from this generation, they have had no choice but to receive care in such a setting. In addition to older adults, people of various ages with cognitive disabilities have received long-term care services in institutionalized settings for decades. The same institutionalized model of care dictates resident care plans, activities, structure, routine and goals. This institutional model focuses on tasks, efficiency, and uses a hierarchical method of management. There is a great deal of emphasis placed on risk aversion, usually by limiting choices and opportunities for residents and staff. This model disempowers the individual receiving care, because the individual’s needs are overshadowed by the priorities of the facility. (Seaton, 2).
The policy issue to be discussed is long term care for the elderly with disabilities in the United States; however, long-term care has become an urgent policy issue. The number of elderly Americans and their percentage of the nation’s population are growing, and Americans who reach age sixty-five are living longer. The discussion was made over long-term care by policy makers and members of the public has decreased and flowed during the past three years. The Americans and their leaders face the dilemma of how to meet the needs of elders with chronic disabilities in the United States. The policy makers are struggling to define the roles of the federal and state government, rules, and...

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