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The policy process is a long process that involves many steps and participants that deal with issues related to crime. Once the issues have been addressed and the policy has been created the policy then governs the criminal justice system. Some of the participants involved with the policy process are federal, state, and local government. The federal, state, and local governments all have roles in the development and implementation of the criminal justice system. Some of the roles of the federal and state governments are similar and others differ.
Executive Branch
The executive branch at the federal level is the President of the United States, at the federal level it is the fifty governors and at the local level it is the thousands of mayors who serve in towns and cities across America. Each of these executives have a role in the formation of crime control policy and are often seen as the representative of government who can address problems such as crime.
Many are aware that the President of the United States has the power to veto a bill, however many are not aware that all three executives are authorized the power of the veto a bill that is sent to them from the legislature. All three executives are also given the authority and ability to appoint certain criminal justice personnel, those who they choose have the ability to influence the criminal justice one way or another whether it be in a positive manner or a negative manner.
Legislative Branch
The legislative branches are the U.S. Congress on the federal level, various general assemblies on the state level and on the local level town councils or township trustees. The legislative branch is said to be the most important player in the policy process and is so powerful because it is where the policies are created and put into place. This is where the laws are passed, and where the criminal justice system learns of what they are to enforce. This is the area where both new and old polices are either created or modified and these changes modify the criminal justice system. Congress, the federal government has become very active in the role of creating policies. The state level of government has always been involved in this process of the policy making, and has increased over time. Recently state legislatures have become active in legislating policies regarding the death penalty, and if assault on a pregnant woman which results in the death of her unborn child is considered murder. At the local level city and town council as well as the county commissions determine the local ordinances that are considered violations of the law.
Judicial Branch
The judicial branch of government plays a part in the production of crime policy in the United States as well. “The judicial branch, which established our court System in America, authorizes the Supreme Court, a circuit court, and district courts at the federal level”. Federal criminal cases and appeals are handled by these courts, and in the case of...

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