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Policy Challenges Essay

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AbstractA policy's goal is to rationally attempt to obtain objectives. The goals for public policy are equity, efficiency, security and liberty, all of which contain ambiguities and problems of interpretation that make them the object of political struggles (Stone 2002).Just as people evolve and change their minds, public policies must grow and change with us to suit our needs. Interpreting policies and making choices varies with time, place and individual policies, which happens to be what policy politics is all about. There will never be a policy that is satisfactory to everyone because of the differences in lifestyles and individual values of what is proper for a person to live by. It is human nature to always want more or to have what others have, but what is to decide that equality is the same for everyone. Equity as a goal for public policy tries to determine what is fair and equal for everyone: "who gets what, when, and how" (Stone, 2002 p.39). The government has conflicting ideas over what are basic needs and what are desires. The policy is debatable because the government provides the minimal needs and nothing extra. The need for security and well-being seems to be a basic and minimal need, but how can the government provide basic needs to people without them feeling unequal to everyone else in society.There are many challenges facing a nonprofit. One of these is to successfully enter the market as a trustworthy recipient, manager and distributor of donations and endowments. Though the relevance and success rate of the techniques lie untested, at least a beginning was made in the right direction to spur thinking on the necessity of strategic planning in Non-Profit Organizations. As it can be seen in Nutt and Backoff (1992) the strategic planning process is refined further. Distinction between NPO's and for-profit organizations Nutt and Backoff (1992, pp23-24) have argued that all organizations are 'public' in terms to their accountability towards 'publics.' The growing importance of the NPO's is clearly brought out from the statement of Stone, et al (1999). "Recognition has grown in recent years of the importance of the nonprofit sector to the nation's economy, to the vibrancy of our civil society, and to the implementation of public policies. In 1991, those organizations recognized as tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service numbered over 1 million and accounted for 6% of the Gross National Product and 10% of total employment."What is true for USA is indeed true for most of the other developed economies. Nutt and Backoff (1992) broaden the scope of meaning of NPO's to include all such organizations that have an element of "public" in it. Such 'Public Organizations' include Government sector organizations / agencies, public sector undertakings, charity organizations, private NPO's, educational institutions, welfare agencies, public services, religious institutions, and trade associations. The factors of distinction between the private...

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