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Policy Cycle Essay

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The rational models of policy process are compromising a mechanical process in policy making. Theoretically, the models are helping managers of public sector to manage policy issues by using rigid components of procedure that likely use in laboratory. It means the administrators in public sector will follow some sequences, such as gathering important values that related with policy issue, examining the possible outcomes of policy issue by rating those important values that already established, and then he or she will try to make a decision on what is the best policy. The steps are continuing repeatedly in the same condition. The particular characteristics of the models are ...view middle of the document...

The policy cycle model
Maybe the most important question in public policy is how to capture the whole issue of policy in one basket of analysis and process to produce the best policy. In reality, the density of policy making is much harder than it looks for public sector managers. It combines many factors or steps in policy process, which usually needs much time to develop public policy. Probably, the most influenced idea about the process is coming from theoretical point of view of policy process. This method is known as rational models. The rational models compromise with the ideal process of policy.

The model states the steps of policy process (Lindblom, 1959: 79 – 81; Forester, 1984: 23 – 24). At the beginning of the sequence, administrators of public sector would try to distinguish policy objectives by using an empirical analysis to develop alternative policies. The second step is examining all alternative policies possibility in order to obtain the most valuable policy that needed. Then, the administrator would take a decision on what policy that should be taken based on the process that had been done. It looks like that the process is choosing main goals of policies that already identified by all of examination process. It means policy result is already established and the process is the way to justify it and does not need to have a consultation because the process is fully integrated and acknowledged (Forester, 1984: 25). Forester (1984) also added that the policy process of rational comprehensive also coverage fully base line of information and costs for each information, and has enough time and resources to produce a best policy (Forester, 1984, 24). The models are in the close system of process because no limitation on information, time and resources that needed in the cycle of policy.

The rational model is not perfect in the practice. In some ways, the system is very useful in very modest and easy policy process which asking valid data instantly, enough time for examination and all resources of policy process is easy to get. Then, when the model is facing the issue of policy that complex and multi-dimensional aspect, the rational becomes less relevant in the exercise of policy process (Lindblom, 1959: 80). The rational model only gives a result on the very stable condition, because all of the things in the aspect of policy are in perfect state. The rational models are focusing on the root aspect of policy (Lindblom, 1959: 80 – 81; Forester, 1984: 24). If so, how to see the beyond policy analysis and policy products respectively if the model only cover a very small policy branch. It seems that the cycle could not capable to determine biggest and complex issue of policy, as such economic, legislative point of view and disagreement of citizen that related to policy issue (Forester, 1984: 30). Lindblom (1959) said the rational comprehensive approach of policy cycle seems only possible to clarify an uncomplicated issues of policy...

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