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Policy Paper
Healthcare in America is a current debated topic. Many Americans are lacking healthcare insurance as of now. One of the issues with healthcare in the U.S. is that its outline is simple. This lack of complexity causes the exclusion of many people from obtaining affordable health care. The needs of people differ by many factors; therefore, a rigid mold will not satisfy all. Our current system doesn’t allow people access to insurance because of high costs. The United States’ economy is in a fragile situation and ergo so is that of many American’s. Although many argue that having healthcare is a privilege and not a right, everyone should be able to have access to medical and health services.
The cost of healthcare services through Medicaid is partially distributed based on one’s income.(Medicaid Eligibility,n.d.) People who are in most need , usually qualify for insurance while others who are more financially stable do not but are able to afford to pay for their own insurance. However there is a part of the population that does not fit into either category. Some of the groups that suffer the most from lack of insurance are middle class citizens, minorities and men. (Kaiser Family Foundation 2013) (Sanborn and Kurk 2013). Taking a closer look at the men group, it can be noted that men in the United States are more likely to have a higher obesity rate, cardiovascular diseases, and Diabetes than women do. (KFF 2013)When looking at the percent of men that have not had routine check-ups in more than two years versus the women, the men again had a higher percentage. It is likely that the reason these men are not going to visit the doctor is because of lack of insurance. Statistics from KFF have shown that only 17.9% of women do not have, while 22.4% of men have no insurance. Notice of a correlation between having insurance and staying healthy can be pulled from this information. The middle class and men in specific who do not have health insurance are at higher risks of developing serious, chronic, conditions later in life.
The government has placed two main sources of help for health care; Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare and Medicaid medical and health related services to eligible U.S. citizens. Medicaid is means tested and given specifically to people of low income and resources. Usually, the people who are most likely eligible include, but are not limited to, pregnant women and children and families whose income is less than 133% below the Federal poverty level (What Is Medicaid).This aid is paid for by the government who sends payments to health care providers, who the states make arrangements with for fees and services. The states are them reimbursed between fifty and eighty-three percent of the costs. (“What is Medicare”, 2013).
On the other hand, according to “What is Medicare /Medicaid?” (2013), Medicare serves those who are, over the age of 65, permanently disabled or those diagnosed with kidney failure. There are four parts...

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