Polio Eradication By The World Health Organization

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How would you feel if someone you know was suffering from a case of the poliovirus? You would feel just terrible watching them suffer, trying to fight in order to hang on. This is what families in Africa, Asia, and parts of Europe are experiencing. They are slowly watching the victims lose the ability to use parts of their body. Luckily, the World Health Organization (the WHO) is in the process of eradicating this awfully, gruesome disease that causes so much suffering. The WHO is saving many lives by doing so and that we should help support them, because we can all live without the sorrow from the Poliomyelitis virus.

Polio is an extremely contagious virus that attacks the nervous system, starting in the lower spine and moving slowly up the spinal column. The disease enters the mouth by food or water, where then it rides along the digestive system. Once it arrives at the intestines, the poliovirus starts duplicating itself. This is where the virus has access to the blood stream. From here makes its way to the lower spine and enters the nervous system. Now, the chaos begins! Once, the virus starts attacking and permanently damaging the nervous system, the symptoms begin to occur. First, you have a fever, headache, and you feel fatigue, next, you are feeling queasy and or vomiting, then, you have a stiff neck, pain in your limbs, and dull to sharp pain from your lower to higher parts of your initial spine. As it moves up your spine, you start losing the ability of movement and feeling in each part of your body-first with legs. You are in so much pain it is unbearable and indescribable. The connection in the nervous system between a limb and the spine is destroyed and unusable, once the virus moves above it. It keeps on attacking. Unless the vaccine is instituted and is early enough to kick in, the virus will paralyze you. Here if the poliomyelitis has enough time, it will destroy the connection to your breathing muscles and making your body too broken to connect to its soul.

The creation of the WHO was, in 1945, by a group of diplomats of the United Nations that wanted to create a global health organization. On April 7, 1948, the WHO was officially created to help fix and improve global health, to always update a country’s health hazards-whether a country is safe to go to, what vaccinations and other provisions need before going-in order to keep travelers informed, and help end the world’s life-threatening diseases, like the poliovirus. The WHO is now trying to...

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