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Most of the countries have their own education system that often differs from the one we use to follow. Some similarities also happens, however, I would like to consider only what the differences are between Polish and British High school system. Would you like to go on the journey to the typical Polish High School then? Let’s go!School in Poland start on the 1st September, after a two months-long summer holidays. It's because we break off for summer by the end of June - although have not as much of half terms as there is in English school. There are about ten days of Christmas break in December, later two weeks of winter holidays in February, and the Easter Break. The first day of school is always very official, hence all pupils wear formal clothes – usually black and white. We sing the anthem of Poland and listen to the principal speech.Throughout the school years we have the tutor just like in British schools. This subject teacher remains the same for all three years of high school. We have also the same tutor year group.Each year we take up to 16 different classes, like Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Polish, English, History, Geography, Ethic, PE, and other courses. All subjects remains the same, starting back at our Elementary School. Since we have so many various subjects, some are taught only once a week but teachers always give us plenty of homework. We can’t choose classes (subjects) we would like to take. Only in High School we are allowed to choose the profile that focuses on humanities, maths and physics, foreign languages or biology and chemistry.In Polish school lessons usually start at 8 o’clock. There is about 7 classes per day. One period has 45 minutes, and after every of them we have breaks of respectively 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes. There is no long lunch break as it is in an English school.There are a lot of short pop quizzes that we don’t expect and big tests that we know about. Another way of checking our knowledge is by calling a pupil in...

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3996 words - 16 pages . Warszawa: W.A.B, 2001. Janion, Maria. “Rozsta6 sic, z Polsk4,” Gazeta Wyborcza, 1.10.2004. Machulski, Juliusz. Seksmisja, 1983. McClintock, Ann. “No Longer in a Future Heaven: Nationalism, Gender and Race”. In: G. Eley e.a. (eds), Becoming national. Oxford, Oxford University Press: 1996. 259-284 Scott, Joan. “French Universaliszm in Crisis.” Lecture given at New School University, Dean’s Forum, Nov. 11, 2004. Yuval-Davis, Nira. Gender and Nation. London, Sage, 1998. Polish political weekly magazines (2002-2004): Newsweek, Polityka, Wprost.

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