Politcal Parties And Their Affect In The Usa Govt 2305 Essay

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A political party platform is a formal set of principle goals which are supported by a political party or individual candidate. Now I think they do matter in a way when it comes to political parties especially since that’s what your beliefs will be mainly based on. For the GOP the party platform some of their beliefs and ideas are as follows Rebuilding The Economy and creating jobs, Fair and Simple Taxes for Growth, a Competitive America, A Winning Trade Policy, Freeing Financial Markets and etc….. Now what I would use against the GOP with a campaign against its candidates I would just magnify the main issue with a GOP candidate and why they aren’t great so on and so forth. Now the party platform for the Democrats are as follows : Create Good Paying Jobs, Fight For Economic Fairness and Against Inequality, Provide Quality and Affordable Education, Ensure The Health and Safety of all Americans, Confront Global Threats etc. Now what I would use against the Democrats now knowing a bit...

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