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The definition of Globalization can be summarized as an elimination barrier of trade, culture and communication. Increasing technology and communication has supported the growth of globalization creating a world without many borders related to business (Robertson 1996). Viewing globalization as a positive or negative contributor to the world economy is part of the same debate of whether it creates diminishing cultural and ethnic diversity .The debate around globalization has been a topic of discussion around the world and will continue to be as further advancement in areas of communication and technology continue. Both are important topics in the contemporary world and this paper will review both arguments to support or challenge the implication globalization is having on nationalism as it relates to modern society.
Increasing technologic advancements continue to generate more opportunities for globalization to expand globally. However the dominance of globalization and the effects it has on cultures has created groups focused on fighting the expansion of globalization (Godfrey, 2008). According to Giddens, “Globalization is identified as the intensification of worldwide social relations which links distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa.” (Giddens, 1990). The ideology of globalization is not a new concept but over time it has taken on different changes such as the size, speed, and awareness. Scale growth includes increasing economic, political and social links between different cultures and societies. The speed in which globalization has grown is as a result of the commencement of time and location. Awareness has become an output of the ability of globalization to make the world seem smaller and more transparent. The result of this has created a world that seems much faster paced, overwhelming, and generate flow of information and goods across much larger networks (Held & McGrew, 2003).
Defining nationalism refers to an attachment feeling to a nation with a sense of pride and ownership (Kacowicz, 1998). The use of nationalism can generate support for cultural differences among nationalities and protect a way of life for members of a certain society. This can be exhibited for example when a spectator attends a soccer match in another country with his or her own country colours proudly represented. This showcases the individual has pride in his or her country aboard. There are examples however of Nationalism exist much earlier than globalization as many civil wars in our history was a result of pride of land or country when people would fight across borders to protect his or her nation (Nationalism and Globalization, 2009). Nationalism can be present in more than one form such as economic nationalism. A subset of this form is protectism which is costly for states and the globe in general as each state invest more funding into protecting itself from another state when...

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