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Political Activism Essay

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A great man once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”(Mandela). Times have changed and today because of legendary political activists like Nelson Mandela, people feel inspired to speak up; they use their voices and pens to cause political change and fight for their rights. Also, nowadays people are granted so much more freedom than they were in the past and they are provided with so many different methods of expressing their political opinions and ideologies. Whether they are using the internet, forming an organization or writing a book it has become so much easier for them to share what they believe in with the intention of impacting the world.
Anyone today can form an activist organization which supports a specific cause. There are a lot of organizations that strive to positively influence the world. A good example of a Canadian organization which is trying to change things around and is succeeding in doing so is MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Mothers Against Drunk Driving is an organization which aims to minimize impaired driving as much as possible in order to prevent the accidents that result from it. It was founded in 1980 by a woman called Candy Lightner who lost her daughter to drunk driving and strongly believed that it was an issue that needed to be dealt with. A lot of people joined her organization and today MADD has over 3 million members. MADD holds awareness campaigns in order to spread awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence. In its campaigns, the members show videos and presentations and hold lectures providing statistics of the fatalities; this raises the children’s consciousness on the issue. MADD also spreads awareness through its school assembly program where they go to schools all over Canada and present to the students.
MADD’s efforts have proven to be very effective over the years. Since 2006, the number of deaths by drunk driving have been reduced by 23%; 300,000 lives have been saved overall because of their campaigns. The impacts of MADD have been huge and it has been very successful in causing change. The members of MADD believe in the cause they are fighting for and know that they are capable of causing even more change.
If people in Canada weren’t given the freedom of expression and speech that they are given today, it wouldn’t have been as easy to form an organization and MADD would not have even had a chance to come into being. It started with just a
mother mourning the loss of her daughter and wanting change and then ended up becoming an organization that has and continues to save thousands of lives.
The fact that people now have freedom of speech and media in most countries has made activism so much easier. People can say and write whatever they want publicly and oppose government or popular belief without suffering any consequences. Also, they get to share their views on the internet as well...

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