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I have chosen to apply my readings from Chapter 17 in “Power and Choice” to a recent New York times article posted on January 29, 2014 by Michael R. Gordon titled “U.S. Says Russia Tested Missile, Despite Treaty”.

The article discusses that the U.S. informed NATO allies this month that Russia had tested a cruise missile which would ultimately violate the Arms Control Accord formally known as INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty). That is, any missile that has the ability to fly 300 to 3,400 miles is considered as a violation. INF was agreed upon in 1987 between the Soviet Union and U.S. signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. This treaty has been viewed historically as one of the groundworks that brought an end to the Cold War. This accord is still in effect today but when Vladimir Putin rose to power, the Kremlin reassessed their strategy and urged that the U.S. and Russia drop the treaty. State Department officials of arms control investigated Russia’s ambitions and has considered to close the case. However, Obama administration officials are not in the saddle to affirm the tests of the missile to be a violation of INF. There has been an argument on the reasons why Russia has the eagerness to have missiles. One argument is that even after the Cold War, Russia faces threats from its adjacent nations such as China and Pakistan. Even though INF prevents any use of medium-ranged missiles, Russia is determined to build its nuclear foundations to recoup INF.

Now, to apply my readings to this article, I have chosen to analyze and discuss Power and International Politics. I would like to observe the 12 Major Military Powers chart (Figure 18.1) for comparison reasons. To emphasize, I would like to go over the set of items referred to as “soft power” rather than military might. That is, what influences “power” in a global context? The items in this inventory suggests that population, economic power, geography, and leadership affect overall military power.

First and foremost, we can examine Russia and U.S., based on table 18.1, and how it compares to each other along with the other major powers. The United State’s defense expenditure (in billions) is roughly 552. Russia, on the other hand, has an expenditure of only 32. This figure advices that U.S. spends a lot more on defense spending than Russia. In fact, U.S. spends the most out of all the other major powers. Persons in uniform-wise, U.S., again, defeats in number by roughly 500,000 (1,539,587 to 1,027,000). Lastly,...

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