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Political Anaylsis Essay

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France is a Unitary state which is a semi-presidential system that is primarily based on the French constitution of the fifth republic. The Prime Minister is the head of the government where the president acts as the head of state. France is considered to be a democratic republic because they have a prime minister and president.
The French Government is divided into three different branches. There is the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch. The executive branch consists of the Prime Minister and the President. The Prime Minister is nominated by the majority party but has to be voted in by the President for a life term. The president commonly selects a member of the national assembly to become the new prime minister. The prime ministers main focus is managing the French government and the national defense.
The national assembly is one of the houses in the political system. There are 577 seats in this house. These members are voted in and serve a five-year term. They are important to the daily operations of the French government. They focus on all of the business activity and tend to win disagreements over the Senate.
The Senate is the top house in the French political system. Since the number of seats depends solely on the population, that number is constantly changing but currently there are 348 seats. These members are voted in based on an electoral college and serve a six-year term. These members focus on constitutional problems and foreign affairs.
There are two main parts to the French legal system, public law and private law. Private law consists of civil law and criminal law. Public law consists of administrative law and constitutional law. Private civil law deals with corporate law and the law of contracts. The laws in which they deal with are covered in the article of civil codes. Constitutional law deals with human rights, the function of public authorities, and most importantly it deals with the relationship between executive, legislative and judiciary constitutional powers. It also deals with the relationship between citizens and public authorities. This type of legal system becomes independent from other laws by the constitution written in 1958
Unlike many countries, France has a civil law system, that allows them to only follow laws, and does not allow judges to make decisions or laws. The highest appellate court in...

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