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Political Campaign: The Crusade Against Asian Americans

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As most developed nations around the world continue to be plunged into the economic crisis that began in 2008, any major country that continues to strive during the depression immediately becomes the attention of the citizens of affected countries. While major global powers began to suffer from a loss in international prominence, several foreign countries continued to experience economic growth. The countries that go through this growth—such as China—easily become despised by politicians and even became the targets of office candidates’ campaigns in the recent nation-wide elections. Although seemingly benevolent to the American public, the campaigns also indirectly create unfairness for the Asian Americans—Chinese in particular—who reside in the equality-based country. In this paper, I will show how political campaigns against China demonstrate sentiments and stereotypes against Asian Americans at work, and thus illuminate unfair treatments and inequality against Asian Americans.
Before examining how the negative characteristics of political campaigns’ against China negative characteristics and how they harmfully promote inequality against Asian American citizens, it is important to first understand the nature of the advertisements as well as their origins. As with most political elections, candidates of the 2010 elections attempt to debunk their opponents’ credibility by the use of propaganda and advertising campaigns. However, as the United States continue to lose its former prominence in the global economic market, desperate politicians who wish to address the loss of jobs within the country and the economic decline did so by baselessly citing the outsourcing of jobs to other countries, mainly China, as a problem, and argue that their opponents promote and caused such outsourcing.
According to a New York Times news article, China is expected to see a ten percent economic growth in 2010, and that 41% of those who responded to a poll believed that China is now the prominent leader in the global market (Chen, 2010). This is attributed by politicians because of the outsourcing of jobs to the country, such as the creation of a two billion dollars wind-turbine technology in China by Obama’s administration (Chen, 2010). In addition, the number of companies that maintain outsourcing tasks has increased from 40 firms in 2005 to 140 firms in 2010, and the revenue of the outsourcing market has increased by 38 percent since 2008 (Timmons, 2010). In response to the high unemployment rate and increased job outsourcing, unemployment forces in Ohio, which has a higher unemployment rate than other territories in the country, forced the state government to stop offloading information technology tasks to Asian countries (Bhaduri, 2010).
Although the belief that the outsourcing of jobs to Asian countries is harmful is likely made out of good faith, the contents of advertising campaigns that address them are derogatory. For example, a campaign against...

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