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Political Censorship In China Essay

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Under the globalization and commercialization of cyberspace communication, China is actively
responding to the rising global information economy and cultural politics based on its restrictive Internet censorship standards (Zittrain & Edelman, 2003). The Internet’s appearance caused society to have some immense changes. The network has become the real hub of politic. The network has adjusted the function of China political life, because in the past people have no idea about political life, commonly they are not even care about this; while the appearance of the internet let more and more people realized their right, thanks of this, now more and more people are paying attention on the democracy. The party must innovate to the network democracy guidance way, guides the network public opinion effectively. At present, the research of this topic in domestic is still in start level. After the research by many scholars, we can find out that the development of the whole internet areas indeed have influence on the democracy. And this heated question will be analysis in this paper.

Nowadays, The Internet is playing a more and more important role in our daily life. Using computers and smart phones, we can surf the Internet nearly everywhere. While at the same time, the Internet is also a jumbled place where gossip will got mixed up with the truth. This is especially the care with political news, because it is harder to manage, so some news which will never be reported in the newspaper can be found here. And most of people hold the opinion that this technology is helpful to improve the democracy, some even think that this will become the ultimate form of democratic communication.

Science and technology has becoming the main driving force to promote the development of human society and civilization for a long time. The creative of the original language laid the foundation of such a wonderful world. In recent years, technology transmission have update so quickly that almost each three month the old generations of some products will be replaced. Because of this, more and more channels can be founded to express people’s opinion, and this process is urged the birth of the human society to create a new form of civilization, which has gone beyond the information technology as a tool and means have been formed in order to form a methodology. Not only technology or methodology, the network affects democracy from different points of view, improve the development of democracy; it also change the mode of democratic operation at the same time and this leading to the Cyber Democracy becoming a hot topic.

As time goes on, the Internet is playing a more and more important roles in the global democratic development. the global communication system operates as it does because
powerful interest groups, such as corporate and state powers, have constructed it so that ordinary citizens will not be involved in the essential decisions that have structured it ( Euichul Jung and...

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