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Primitive In stone age, people apparently processed sanukaito (sanuki stone:very hard, sharp cut end) by utilizing that stones available at the foot of Nijo mountain, they used it for hunting and exchanged it around Kinki area commercially. Recently, early jomon era styled archeological living site were excavated in Yamazoe mura, Yamabe gun, in Nara basin where mostly wetland, people moved outat the end of Jomon era to reside comfortable place for hunting and collecting for living. Around B.C.3, the cultural Yayoi immigrated with the knowledge of rice crop from continent and started rice field cultivation by taking advantage of wetland in Nara basin. It is considered that Karako, Kagi at Tawaramoto cho must be archeological village site of those days.Ancient Around the end of 3 C to early 4C, huge zenpokoenfun(half square half round shaped tomb) was made at the foot of Miwa mountains, east Nara basin. It is said that those are graves for old clans, mainly for emperor in Yamato who intend to unite the whole nation. Around the end of 4C to 5C, huge zenpokoenfun can be seen around north and west of the basin. The series of Saki kofun (Nara city) and umami hill land kofun (Koryocho, Kawaicho) are famous. In 6C., one of the political clans, Sogashi who had strong connection with immigrants transferred the basis to Asuka, supported Buddhism which came from continent by making relatives with Royal family. Eventually, Buddhist culture was in bloom around Asuka district and Ikaruga district where Horyuji temple was constructed. Shotokutaishi titled sessho who had strong connection with Sogashi governed, and sent Ononoimoko to Zui as a diplomatic personnel, but after his death, the law system based on Zui and To was granted through the innovation of Taika, capital city of Fujiwara (Kashihara city) was built where surrounded by Yamato sanzan through war of Jinshin. After that, the capital city of Heijo (Nara city) was built in north basin to enhance the political power, the new city constructed was based on Choan, the capital city of To. Many of temples in Asuka and Fujiwara kyo were also transferred to Heijo kyo, Kofukuji temple and Todaiji temple were constructed at the east of new capital.As you can see many...

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2023 words - 8 pages those in positions to enact them. This form of action is in congruence with NASW ethics as he furthers political and organizational actions in support of the client (National Association of Social Workers, 2008). Social Work Identity Working in a position and fulfilling your duties are not always the same concept. During the interview Captain Geis emphasized several times that “the most important part of this job was the soldier who was

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