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Ideology is a part of human history. All people have their ideology, their standards, and their believes. In the history, every country had a political system under which any kind of ideology grew up and influenced human history and human mind. The differentiation between male and female and humans rights consisted reasons for many challenges and in every period in human history there were a lot of changes of way of thinking. People used philosophy, education and sometimes religions to protect human rights and dignity. In this report we will try to present what is political correctness and we will show some examples of this.
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As a result of these, America deservedly holds the title as the country where the Political Correctness has origin. (Lind) Words as chairman, policeman, fireman, are replaced by chairperson, police officer, and firefighter. In the last mind of 20th century Toni C. Bambara said that “a man cannot be politically correct and a male chauvinist, too” (Cristal).

Examples and analysis of political correctness
“The greatest enemy of clear language is insincerity.”
George Orwell
Political correctness is the replacement of some words or phrases with others that will not insult the groups of people that are referring to. But how far does political correctness can go?
“African Americans”
Black people have faced a lot of political correctness. Some previous names are black Americans, Afro-Americans, coloured, black and negro. The latest name to refer to them is African Americans. They changed these terms in order not to be offensive against black people. However, the truth is that black people don’t even mind to be called “black”.
"Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep"
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, the English nursery rhythm, has been a controversy in Britain since 1986 as being racist. In some schools the word “black” it has been replaced with “rainbow”, “pink”, “happy” or “sad”. Also other phrases that have the word “black” have been replaced such as “chalkboard” instead of “blackboard”.
“Gender Equality”
Terms like “chairman”, “right hand man”, have been replaced with “police officer” instead of “policeman” in case it causes offence to women. Some people are even referring to God as “She” so they would feel that they are politically correct. Also talking about someone that you are aware of their gender, instead of using “he”, you must refer to them as “he or she” or “they” so it will not be considered as sexism
A term that is used to political correctly refer to someone with same-sex attractions. In the 90's, the correct term to refer to homosexuals was Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender. Gay people though prefer the term “gay” and not “homosexuals”.
“Children with special needs”
The first word to be used to describe children with limited abilities was “retard” but it was replaced with “children with special needs” because it was thought to be offensive....

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