Political Correctness: What Is Right In Society?

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Political correctness is essentially using terms to broadly describe social, political, and educational varieties. The main subject matters that this is used for consist of race, class, gender, and sexual preferences. It prevents feelings from being hurt by making possibly offensive terms sound more appropriate. For some people these boundaries seem unnecessary, while for others it just a natural part of life.
Without an illustration, I initially had no idea what political correctness was. For example, black people are called African-Americans. These types of things are just a part of my daily life and I never knew it was such a large issue. After realizing what this topic was about, I thought it was a silly issue to write a paper about. I had no idea how I was supposed to get four pages from this debate. The only main problem I really know about is with the University of Illinois having to change their mascot. After doing more research, I discovered there were cases like the Illini’s all over the country. Most of these, like the U of I’s, involved the school’s mascot being a Native American.
The University of Illinois was forced to get rid of their mascot, Chief Illiniwek, after the NCAA deemed it as “hostile and abusive” as stated in The New York Times. Many other colleges along with high schools were forced to change their mascot as well. According to Jennifer Guiliano’s article, “The Fascination and Frustration with Native American Mascots” the mascot was originally thought of as a good luck charm and a form of protection. These days people find mascots as just fun and, in some cases, racial.
Many Native American tribes find that schools using their tribe as a mascot as offensive. They feel as though watching the mascot do a dance during halftime is downgrading. Many schools have been forced to change their mascot, but not the name. For example the University of Illinois is still called the Fighting Illini but instead of a chief head, their symbol is just an uppercase I. Bradley and Alcorn State were both forced to stop using their Native American mascot but kept their nickname as the Braves. William and Mary still have the name as Tribe, but just changed their logo by removing the feathers. Other colleges were forced to change their mascot completely. For example, Stanford University had to change their mascot from the Indians to the Cardinals. North Dakota dropped their nickname from the Fighting Sioux in 2012, and currently do not have a nickname. Some colleges such as, Utah (Utes), Central Michigan (Chippewas), Florida State (Seminoles), and Mississippi College (Choctaws), were able to keep their mascots. These colleges asked permission from the specific Native Americans to use the tribe as their mascot.
Why is it that some Native Americans are okay with colleges using their tribe as a mascot, and other are not accepting of it? Could this be because some of them are too sensitive? The tribe should be honored that schools want to...

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