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Corruption is a living organism that attaches itself to every country on the globe in one degree or another. Corruption can affect a country at its political, economical, environmental, and social core. Political corruption is not only detrimental to our nations' government, it is tearing apart our nation as a whole.Political corruption undermines its authority when decisions are made for private gain. Economically, corruption has the most affect of the poor when funds intended for economic develop, hinders a government from providing basic needs to its people because the intended funds are used for personal gain by senior government officials. Economical corruption also hinders economic development because countries with good reputations will be apprehensive to conduct business with them in fear of effecting their reputation with other countries.According to a study done by Tufts University, corruption in the judicial system prevents international communities from tackling terrorism and other international crimes. It also prevents citizens from settling legal disputes with government officials and other neighbors. Governments operate differently if they have been in a state of peace for many years rather than during a war. ("Define Corruption")Corruption has a tremendous effect on the environment when environmental regulations are not followed and natural resources are generally exploited and dividends are used to line the pockets of crooked political leaders. Many countries that are rich in natural resources have a high poverty percentage. According to Claire Berlinski, He has first hand witnessed inpoverished countries' governments destroy natural resources to make money. Destroying these timbers and other resources cause great floods which in turn ruin food supplies. The already starved villagers are now completely ruined, with no ability to grow their own food. ("Policy Review",2009)The major causes behind the emergence of corrupt politicians in any democracy are adverse government structures, concentration of powers in the hands of the decision makers who are practically not accountable to the people, lack of transparency in decision making, contempt for freedom of speech, and lack of timely financial management. These conditions are further aggravated by illiterate, apathetic and ignorant populace...

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