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Political Idelogies: Differences Between Liberalism And Conservatives

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Ashesi University College,
4th May, 2014
Dear Imabong,
It's been thirty years since the long anticipated letter was written and I’m sure that you are excited to see what your little mind had to offer at that time. Don’t worry you will be in for a surprise. So my lecturer gave this assignment to figure out which political ideology I really loved. It is important for me to mention that as I wrote this I had not really decided on which one I strongly believed in. Sit back and relax while I take you on a journey to discover what my heart believes in I’m telling you that you might be in for a surprise but don’t worry only time shall tell. My lecturer Kobina Graham was a very interesting person and so he made it very easy for me to find an interest in the subject. I always found joy when he explained all the complicated “isms” we had to discuss in class. However, I am going to look at some concepts such as Equality, Freedom, Human nature and the role of the state to explain what I believe in and I would take my stance from there. I am wishing you a happy reading.
It is very shocking for me that liberalism has been around since the fourteenth century. I wonder how that time must have been like. Liberals believe more in the individual and the desire to construct a society in which people can satisfy their interests and achieve fulfillment. Liberals have a more optimistic view of human nature. I believe that humans are self seeking and self reliant creatures but we are governed by reason which provides the possibility for personal development which is largely and highly gained through education. It is often said that education is the only thing in life no one can take from you and trust me I have heard this so many times remember mum used to ring it into your head when you were younger. Every individual should be able to flourish to their highest potential. I see humans as being rational that means that they are able to tolerate the actions and behavior of others in order to strive for the good of the society Conservatives do not share my view of human nature, as they perceive human beings as limited and irrational. They have a pessimistic view of human nature. They see the world as being rather complicated for humans to be able to grasp fully. According to Michael Oakeshott he sees the political word as ‘boundless and bottomless’ (Heywood, 2012). They relate their argument to the doctrine of the “original sin’ as described in the Bible in which Adam and Eve disobeyed God (Genesis 3 vs. 1-24) They also argue that crime is not a product of inequality or social disadvantage as modern liberals say but it is rather a consequence of the base of human instincts and appetites. To an extent fascists also believe that human beings are irrational and they are motivated by powerful emotions, their ‘will’ rather than their rational mind and in particular the ‘will to power’ as described by Friedrich Nietzsche.
My belief is that human beings cannot...

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