What Is Your Personal Political Ideology?

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Why is our own personal political ideology important? I believe that it is very important
to know what we believe and why we believe it. For when it comes time to vote we can match
what politicians says to our own beliefs, and it will help us be informed voters.
There are four main political ideologies in the United States of America. Most people in
the United States can identify with one of these belief systems. They are effective at showing
some of the fundamental beliefs of the American people.
According to James Wilson, John DilIulio, and Meena Bose, in their book American
Government the four fundamental beliefs are:
"The Conservative- In general a person who favors a more limited and local government,
with less government regulations on business, lower taxes and a greater reliance on the market.
They believe in cutting back on welfare programs and for a more social conformity to traditional
values and tougher policies towards criminals. They are against abortion and gay marriage".
"The Liberal- In general a person who favors a more active Federal Government for
regulating business, taxing the rich, supporting social welfare programs, and protecting minority
rights, but they prefer less regulating of private social conduct. They believe in abortion, gay
marriage and guaranteed freedom of speech". (119).
"The Libertarian- They believe in a free market, lower taxes, and a small government.
They also believe in having a great amount of personal freedom, such as, speech, drug use, and abortion".(120).
"The Populist- They believe in government regulations on business and heavy Federal
spending on public programs. They oppose abortion and want a crackdown on crime and
pornography, but support prayer in public schools". (120).
My political ideology- I favor a smaller and a more limited Federal Government, with less
regulations on all businesses, less government involvement in the market, lower taxes, and a
simpler tax system. I have this belief because my Dad has owned his own business for the last
16 years. As I grow up, I watched my Dad have to work around...

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