Political Maps Essay

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Political Maps
Political maps are not like an ordinary road map. Political maps show boundaries across countries, states, and provinces along with their capitals (“What is a Political Map”)
I hope to learn more about how the vote of the people differs from the vote of the electoral college and to gain a better general about the government.
When it comes to voting there are two different forms, popular vote and electoral vote (“Electoral Vote vs. Popular Vote”). The popular vote is you, me, and everyone else in the United States' votes massed together (“Electoral Vote vs. Popular Vote”). The electoral vote is all of the electors from the the electoral colleges' votes (“Electoral Vote vs. ...view middle of the document...

S. Senate, the congress meets revealing what's in the envelope, and so a president is elected (“Network, Utah Education”).
The congressmen and women, otherwise known as The House of Representatives, are very important because they represent people like you and me and our state (“United States Government Scholastic.com”)! Iowa's congressman is Representative Bruce Bradley (“United States Government Scholastic.com”).
There are two senators for each state, no matter the population, Iowa's senators are Tom Harkin and Chuck Grassley (“Bens Guide (3-5): The Election”). Their jobs include saying yes or no to any treaties that the president makes, says yes or no to anybody recommended for jobs like cabinet officers, supreme court justices, or ambassadors by the president, and they can also hold a trial for a government official who does something terribly wrong (“Bens Guide (3-5): The Election”). To be elected, the candidate must be at least 30 years of age, a citizen of the U.S. for at least nine years, and a resident of the state that they were elected from (“Bens Guide (3-5): The Election”).
In 1916 the presidential race was between Democratic, Woodrow Wilson, and Republic, Charles Hughes(“Preview Map”). In this election, Wilson definitely had a more wide-spread amount of power and had the central part of the nation as his main voters (“Preview Map”). The presidential race of 1992 was between Democratic, Bill Clinton, and Republican, George W. Bush (“Preview Map”). The spread of power was rather equal between the two candidates (“Preview Map”). The east section of the country gave the most votes for president George W. Bush was scattered throughout the country from central America to the east half of America (“Preview Map”).
From the years of 1940 to 1948 the U.S. was mainly focused on the democrat then, in 1952, that changed and the U.S. was almost all Republican (“Preview Map”). In 1960 voters were slowly changing back to democratic (“Preview Map”). We saw a dramatic difference in voting when 1964 rolled around, almost every state was democratic (“Preview Map”)! The next voting year, 1968, was the exact opposite with a good majority of the states Republican(“Preview Map”). For the next 16 years the states seem to stay consistent with their choice of Republican(“Preview Map”). Then for the next two presidential races Democrats came out on top. And from there...

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