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Political Parties Were The Result Of Domestic And Foreign Affairs That Helped Shape And Build A Foundation For American Politics In The 1790's

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Political parties were the result of domestic and foreign affairs that helped shape and build a foundation for American politics in the 1790's. Politics are the art or science of winning and holding office; competition between interests groups for power and leadership. The people soon began to drift into different political parties as a result of affairs that took place in the 1790's.A large role in the splitting of political beliefs was due to the financial issues. Assumption, banking and taxes all rested as financial issues. Hamilton paid off debts, ...view middle of the document...

I think that because most of the democratic republicans were farmers and average in the social class that impacted those peoples to be against assumption, banking and taxes.Different views on the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution impacted the political parties. The democratic republicans viewed these documents very strictly and also believed very strongly in the tenth amendment, where powers are reserved to the states. On the other hand the federalists had a very loose/broad mind when it came to these documents and they also used the elastic clause.Certain documents helped to shape political parties in more of the same beneficial ways. The neutrality proclamation of 1793 was an agreement to stay out of foreign affairs. In Washington's farewell address of 1796 he wanted the people of the United States to avoid "in tangling alliances". These things impacted the democratic republicans and the federalists to become more peaceful, despite their different views.Political parties were the result of domestic and foreign affairs in the 1790's. The democratic republicans and the federalists' beliefs, supports, views, and economies differed greatly. Little did they know, but because of their differences a foundation for future American government was being made.

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