Political Personalities Essay

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I chose Winston Churchill a political leader (Nov. 30, 1874-Jan. 24, 1965). In Winston Churchill’s early years as a child his parents were always traveling and had very busy social lives. Mrs. Everest was his nanny that took good care of him. At age eight he attended boarding school where he was considered as a troublemaker. At age twelve he was accepted in Military School where he studied military tactics. Later he graduated and worked for the Morning Post during the Boer War in South Africa. He had quite an adventure during this time, he was shot at and captured but managed to escape where he lived to write a book about it. During fighting the war Winston Churchill knew that he wanted to get into politics to make policies to make a difference.
Winston Churchill experienced war and was well educated so at age twenty five he returned to England where he was famous as a writer and a war hero; this is what helped him get his foot into office to run for politics. Winston Churchill knew exactly what he wanted but getting there was a challenge because as a young boy he had a major stuttering problem. He was humiliated early in his political life. No one took him serious as a cabinet member. I think the early childhood stuttering problem help drive Winston Churchill because he wanted to be heard. He wasn’t going to give up just because other people had a hard time with his stuttering problem. Instead of letting this set him back he moved forward and became a great inspiration as a political leader. After all of the humiliation it was interesting that he was still interested in politics. According to Adler, when we feel encouraged, we feel capable and appreciated and will generally act in a connected and cooperative way. When we are discouraged, we may act in unhealthy ways by competing, withdrawing, or giving up. It is in finding ways of expressing and accepting encouragement, respect, and social interest that help us feel fulfilled and optimistic (Adler Graduate School 2014).
The steps that Winston Churchill took to overcome his...


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