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Political Power Of The Nascar Dad

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The Political Power of NASCAR DadsIs it possible that the so-called 'NASCAR Dad' could be the key to the race to the White House?According to political researchers and presidential advisors, Yes they could well be. To first understand why these so called 'NASCAR Dads,' vote and think the way that they do. I will try and give a little insight into the 'NASCAR Dad' and also some background about this vastly popular sport.NASCAR racing was stumbled upon during the 1930's and 1940's when ordinary people started buying cars in huge numbers. The natural urge to be better and have better things kicked in and found many working class, young men tinkering with their engines to make their cars better and faster. The racing used to occur on unpaved dirt tracks and up until the 1940's it was mainly a Southern sport. The idea of racing cars for fun became more nationwide during the 1940's but still more participated in southern states than anywhere else. (Derbyshire, p. 29)During the 1960's an article in Esquire magazine by Tom Wolfe called "The Last American Hero" brought light onto one of the races more frequent and popular racers. Junior Johnson raced from 1953 to 1966 and became good at his sport by running liquor for his fathers moonshine business. He would often race dirt roads around the Appalachian Foot hills illegally transporting liquor at speed to avoid the "revenuers". (Derbyshire, p. 29)Although the NASCAR officials of today are trying to shake the image of the original Southern, white, single mans sport. It is still very much the same with...

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