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“In government the constant aim is to divide and arrange the several offices in such manner as that each may be a check on the other that the private interest of every individual may be a sentinel over the public rights.” -James Madison

What president Madison ment was that the three branches come together and check and have some powers over each other so not one branch overpowers us people. The federal system of checks and balances keeps the executive, judicial and legislative branches from having too much power of each other. The process of checks and balances in our three branches is important because if we didn’t have them one branch would overpower all of congress and over power us people making it that we didn't have any rights.
In each of the three branches they all have at least one power over the other two branches. In the Legislative branch the power they have over the executive branch is that they can impeach and veto the president. This means congress is allowed to remove the president if that is best for the country. One time this happened was the year of 1998, president Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice relating to the Lewinsky scandal. Clinton was Acquitted (freed from any criminal charge) February 12th 1999. The power the legislative branch has over the judicial branch is that they control the spending of money. This means that congress has the power over the spending of money. A time this happened was as the year of 2009, the government had a bailout (is an act of giving money to failing businesses to save it from foreclosure) and gave the Bank of America forty-five billion dollars but they didn’t give this money all at one time they give small amounts over a decade. These branches continue to have these powers over each other so they don’t overpower each other.
In the executive branch they have powers over the legislative and judicial branch. The power the executive branch has over the legislative branch is that it can appoint federal judges meaning they can choose the federal judges. As of may 2012 there is a total of 3,294 federal judges that got appointed for. The power the executive branch has over the judicial branch is that they can veto congress acts meaning the executive branch can deny acts congress has made. In october 2010 president Obama vetoed a bill that could have made it easier for courts to clear foreclosure to citizens homes. These two events happened because the executive branch has these powers over the legislative and judicial branch.
Just as the other two branches do, the judicial branch has its own powers of the other two branches too. One power this branch has over the executive branch is it can declare executive acts unconstitutionally. A time when this happened was back in May of 2004, a woman named Terri was getting her feeding tube removed because the was no way she was going to get better from the brain damage she had received in 1990. Governor Bush...

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