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Political Speech To Canadians

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M: Hello my fellow members! Thank you for this warm welcome. We are very happy to be here with so many friends and terrific candidates!

In this election, Canadians have said loud and clear. That too many families can’t make ends meet. That too many seniors are living in poverty. That they have had enough of the same old debates. They deserve better. That is why we should dare to bring about change.
Change that is now necessary because Ottawa is running in circles. Because for too long, we have replaced scandals with different scandals, scandals that Canadians could not tolerate anymore. Because some want to benefit from divisive politics. Because issues that matter to most Canadians are yet ...view middle of the document...

M: We are ready to work as partners with the provinces and territories in order to ensure a national standard of excellence of the devilry of Health Care. We commit to fighting so that more can be done for health care providers. Our party strongly believes that all Canadian citizens deserve the same level of high quality and timely health care provided by an efficient, accountable and sustainable public health system. Furthermore, once elected the government would invest and would provide funds to the medical schools and institutions. These funds would promote prosperous health care system and a healthy future. In addition to providing funds our policies would encourage Public education campaign and additional funding for brain research, our policies would promote green economy and green environment.

M: We feel as the elected government’s job is to works for those who have elected them, and not for big corporations. An elected government's job is to bring people together. Build bridges between urban and rural areas and bring closer the different point of views which exist in this country. The government must ensure Parliament represents the values you cherish.
Values like: Tolerance, compassion, pride in our...

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