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Political Speech Writing Prompt

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Political Speech Writing PromptBefore each candidate becomes the presidential nominee for his political party, each candidate had to address to the public frequently in order to persuade people to vote for them. Persuasive techniques seem to be used by every candidate during the days leading the debate. Also the last debate each candidate used a lot of persuasive techniques to gain the audience's approval. Senator Obama and Senator McCain are both really skillful in using the persuasive technique such as allusion, logical appeal, ethical appeal, repetition, antithesis, and rhetorical question to convince people to vote for them.Below this paragraph will analyze more about both candidates' persuasive techniques, and how they impact the American people.For example, the first the question: "Why is your economic plan better than your opponents?" asked by Mediator Schieffe, Senator McCain responded by using the repetition technique in his speech frequently. He said, "Americans are hurting right now, and they're angry. They're hurting, and they're angry. They're innocent victims of greed and excess on Wall Street and as well as Washington, D.C. And they're angry, and they have every reason to be angry." He repeated the words "angry" and "hurting" many times to show how the Americans are so angry and hurting regarding the economic crisis today. They want the country to go to the new direction. Those words will let the people think how much he cares about the country, economy, and the American dream.Relating to the same question, Senator McCain had also mentioned about a guy name Joe Wurzelbacher, or Joe the plumber, that wanted to buy a business and worried about paying higher taxes. He said, "Joe wants to buy the business that he has been in for all of these years, worked 10, 12 hours a day. And he wanted to buy the business but he looked at your tax plan and he saw that he was going to pay much higher taxes." In this phrase he used the logical appeal to show the facts that he gathered. He brought this topic up because he wanted to tell people that Obama's policy is not going to help someone who wants to buy a small business because they will pay higher taxes. Finally, he mentioned about his policy that he'll not only help Joe business, but also provide available and affordable health care for him and his employees. So, what would a small business employer think? They will vote for McCain because they pay less tax than Obama.One more point about Senator McCain's technique is he used the rhetorical question to convince more people to believe on him. He asked, "Why would you want to increase anybody's taxes right now? Why would you want to do that, anyone, anyone in America, when we have such a tough time, when these small business people, like Joe the plumber, are going to create jobs, unless you take that money from him and spread the wealth around." The purpose of his question is he didn't want Obama to answer this...

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