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Political Systems Dbq Essay

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Even though all types of governments that have existed both have had their strengths and weakness, it is still possible for one government to come out on top. The governments of both Persia and Athens were both different. Athens had a direct democracy or an administration that is ruled by the people in which the citizens make decisions in the government directly. On the other hand, Persia was a monocratic bureaucracy or a government in which is a governed under the rule king who has influence of a group of officials. Although both Persia’s monocratic bureaucracy and Athens’s direct democracy were both successful forms of government that flourished with only a few negative traits, overall the Persian government was ideal because unlike Athens, the government was not corrupt and was able to successfully unite the empire.
Persia’s monocratic bureaucracy provided a rule that united and satisfied its people. According to Cyrus’s Charter of the Rights of Nations, “he kept in view the needs of the people.” Cyrus the Great, king of the Persian Empire, meant that he made sure that the pleas of the citizens were not ignores, and that all laws in decisions regarding or within the Persian Empire were made with the purpose of benefitting the masses. Under the rule of both Cyrus and Darius I, religious and cultural tolerance was a characteristic that made the Persian Empire unique. Whenever a new land was conquered, the area could keep its local rulers and continuing following their religion. Also, because a great amount of Persia followed a religion called Zoroastrianism that forbade slavery, there were no slaves in Persia. The Persian Empire was so great that the Jewish, a group that was often persecuted, called Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire the “anointed one.” Cyrus had this nickname because he had freed the Jews from slavery in Babylon. Another great feat of the Persian Empire was that it was so large, but yet it was so united at the same time. As the Map of the Persian Empire depicts, the Persian Empire united areas all the way from the Indus River to Greece. Darius I...

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