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Politician Candidates Essay

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In democratic societies where debates usually occur before elections, political campaigns encourage not only free election, but also considerable investments through advanced management tools. Electoral campaigns have shown a great importance in terms of a politicians disclosure strategies and the decisiveness of voters. Political campaigns, as method of communication to the general public is an important element in the electoral process, especially concerning gaining the support of the voters. Research on political campaigns has revealed that during elections, some politicians’ exhibit negligence concerning requirements and needs of some voters. According to A. Holdbrook, “politicians may not pander to the public when it comes to the policies that they advocate, but there is evidence that they at least attempt to pander to the emotions of the electorate during political campaigns” (15). Although political campaigns and election can be involve in positive effects, such as in many democratic societies, where every citizen is enfranchised with the right to vote, also they can involve negative consequences, especially regarding to squandering money that could be allocated elsewhere, leadership issues, and fallacious claims that plague the campaign and the electoral process.
To begin with, the election in the campaign process and in democratic societies focuses on how each citizen has the right to vote, a potential for constructive change in leadership, whereby the voters are appealed to, in terms of political party affiliations. Jim Grenada and M. Wong reports that, “campaign advertisement define the new position or drawing policy distinction from the opponent and also have potential influence to the voters” (3). Democratic debates before elections, politician’s appearances in front of crowd of people, television, media and affiliation of conventional voters are all representation of persuading voters and a wastage of money. Apparently, the influence of media in political campaign has contributed mostly on verbal communication and mutual interest between voters and political candidates, such as U.S president Bill Clinton, where in 1992 won the elections through an useful and efficient communication with people, promising changes in health insurance reforms, whereby millions of children benefited from these social and encouragement reforms. The efforts and decisions of the voters for the enhanced leadership has triggered to better relationship among voters and politicians. Regarding to M. Franz and T. Ridout political campaign tendencies of advertising principles “has the ability of a message to influence a person’s political beliefs, attitudes or values,” (3). Further, political advertisings endeavor to persuade voters to fob their vote and also to pander people’s emotions.
Yes, there are many positive benefits to political campaign in democratic communities, but they can also lead to undesired consequences.
Political campaigns can involve...

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