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This is a book Summary I did for an International Politics Course. I do not wish to have my name published, because if the teacher found out I submitted it I would be expelled. I attend SUNY in NY, USA. I recieved an A on this paper. The only comments she made was that I needed to replace the Whichs with thats & I needed to have a page for siting. Book Summary : Living With China Living With China: U.S. -China Relations in the Twenty-First Century is a book edited by Ezra F. Vogel which assess the political, economic, and human rights issues which the U.S. must consider in developing a consistent and mutually beneficial foreign relations policy toward China in the twenty-first century. Tension between U.S.- China relations date back to World War Two. Additionally, the Tienanmen Square incident in 1989, further aggravated U.S.-China relations. Since the end of the Cold War, and especially since 1991, the United States has had no consistent foreign policy in regards to China. This book is a compilation of background papers, from numerous authors, which were written for the November 1996, American Assembly meeting whose purpose was to discuss and work to reach a consensus on U.S.-China relations. The essays deal with the issues that will mold future relations with China. The book consists of an Introduction, eight chapters and an Address to The American Assembly given by Senator Sam Nunn. The introduction gives a brief overview of political events and history which have led to the then current (1997) state of relations between the United Sates and China. In addition, it gives a concise, clear summary of what issues China and the U.S. agree upon and which issues they do not. The most notable disagreements between U.S. and China are over Taiwan and Tibet, and human rights. The introduction further goes on to include a summary of each chapter in the book. The eight chapters include topics on issues over Tawain, Tibet, Hong Kong, the Tiananmen Square incident, international commerce, Chinese economics, environmental concerns, and commercial diplomacy. The first chapter, written by Michelle Oksenberg, evaluates the distinctive problems that U.S.-China relations face in regards to Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Oksenberg explains the conflicting perceptions that the U.S. and China have on these issues. The United States is worried about what effect Chinese control over Hong Kong may have on global economy, interested in maintaining acceptable treatment of Tibetans, and wishes to guard Taiwan from possible Chinese threat or Force. China sees these as "unwarranted intrusions into its domain," [pg. 94] and a strategy to keep China weak. Oskenberg opines that the United states and China must have more talks to remedy these differences while having more empathy and understanding of the other's view. Chapter two is written by Douglas H. Paal and examines China's increasing economic and military influence and how it is likely to affect the entire...

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politics Essay

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Politics Essay

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1446 words - 6 pages We see politics everywhere, we are bombarded in our everyday lives with politics. Politics start at home with hierarchies of the house, then follow us to the office or place of employment, our communities, governments, and even world politics. Truly there is no getting away from it, even our entertainment is filled with politics. We see it all the time in movies like Forrest Gump, or series like Bomb Girls, sitcoms such as All in the

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