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Politics And Businesses Control Over The Mass Media

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Majority of people in the world believe that they live in a modern society and have more technology resources available such as the internet, TV, Radio and newspapers to know the causes behind the events that happened in the past or happening in the present. Examples of those events are the 9/11 terrorist attack in the USA, the invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. I will argue that most of the official information that comes from the media is not as reliable as it pretends to be in the eyes of the common people. This paper will prove some conspiracies associated with the Vietnam War, the 9/11 attack in the USA and the Iraq War.
There is a group of powerful political leaders or some wealthiest families in the world who controls the knowledge of the truth by the mass media and other major social structures as the high level government officials, private organizations for example the CIA, large co-operations and the political groups to maintain their political or social power over the common people. The term ``power ``classified very well by the author Samuel P. Huntington in his book “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” “Power is the ability of one person or group to change the behaviour of another person or group. Behaviour maybe changed through inducement coercion or exhortation, which require the power-wielder to have economic, military, institutional, demographic, political, technological, social, or other resources. The power of a state or group is hence normally estimated by measuring the resources it has at its disposal against those of the other states or groups it is trying to influence”. (82-83) Since, media is the major source and plays a significant role for governments, political party and powerful people to manipulate their inner agenda directly or indirectly over the masses.
A further description of mass media is central media which involves an inability to broadcast unspoken knowledge or perhaps it can only transfer negative report and attempt to manipulate large groups of people through media outlets, for the benefit of a particular political party and or group of people and prejudice or otherwise, headed for favouring a certain individual. The media system is created to make money by doing all these activities. Overall, it is a business organization not a charity. Journalist John R. Brandt discussed in his article that “first, despite the intense competition in the media business--reporters have been known to lie, cheat, steal, and deliberately sabotage each other, all for the sake of a single scoop--not one of us has ever been tempted to blow the whistle on all the others. We seem curiously immune to the lure of undying fame”. (19)
Most people today do not believe the existing of conspiracies in some of the world’s biggest and unforgettable events such as the 9/11 and then the Invasion of Iraq etc. If we recall, back in the early 80s, how we got enthusiastic by number of conspiracy theory...

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