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Politics And International Relations Essay

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No one could possibly underestimate the impacts of political protests and uprisings have to a certain government and its people, this has been demonstrated in the Arab World since 2010. The Arab Spring witnessed the topple of five governments that were gradually brought down by eruption of revolts in demands of reforms. This had led me to read ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’ by Gene Sharp that had prevalet influence for political defiance movement in Egypt.
Another section that I wish to probe deeper is US Foreign Policy especially ‘War on Terror’ that was commenced soon after 9/ 11.Therefore, I took the initiative to read monthly reports and essays that are published on ‘Foreign Affairs’ ...view middle of the document...

In the same year, I participated in International Conference on Arabic Studies: ‘Revitalisation and Development’ organised by a local University, which focused on five themes; linguistics, arts, history, civilisation and translation. Besides that, Arab Uprisings also became a hot topic conversation at the convention. Albeit difficult, the programme introduced to me how research projects were done in university level and this experience was truly cultivating and mentally stimulating. In college, I worked as a part- time transcriptionist for a TV production house that supplied Radio Television Brunei with entertainment pieces and live coverage on current local affairs. Since this task was time- consuming, I had learned to manage my time for schoolworks effectively and able to pick up ways of how the authorities censored TV programmes based on our national philosophy, Malay Islamic Monarchy.
Furthermore, global financial crisis appealed to me. Upon completing my A’ level course, I have been teaching O’ level Economics and Commerce in a tuition school. I applied Eurozone Crisis as a case study to point out weaknesses of fiscal...

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