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Politics And Power In Organizations: Business Management

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Recently it appears that every organization utilizes the power and politics game. Power and politics have been used in situations as large as massive takeovers, or in a small business by employees wanting to gain entities. The concept of power and politics is that it is not a tool used by management, but the game can be played by all in an organization. Different types of power and politics are used in many organizations and the uses effect each organization in a variety of ways whether the goal is positive or negative.Organizational politics can be discussed from two approaches, the first being a Machiavellian perspective, which is negatively perceived as a 'take no prisoners' attitude with a goal of attainment of power at all costs. The second approach "treats politics as a necessary function resulting from differences in the self-interests of individuals" and as "the art of creative compromise among competing interests" (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2005). Individuals join organizations as a means to serve their own interests. Politics is simply a way to harmoniously coexist within the organization, thus avoiding discourse over whose needs and interests are more important. University of Phoenix rEsource text states, "Organizational politics is also the use of power to develop socially acceptable ends and means that balance individual and collective interests" (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2005).An increasingly more popular trend in organizations is the concept of empowerment, which is the process by which managers' help employees acquire and use the power needed to make decisions affecting themselves and their work. The major three forms of empowerment are, individual empowerment, team empowerment, and self-directed work teams.AlltelIn Alltel Communications, the infrastructure of the Customer Service Call Center is based on hierarchy management roles. There is the manager and the supervisors that lead the center. Each role has designated duties, but each person is empowered to make his or her own decisions. The manager oversees the duties of all the supervisors and leads the business aspect for the company. The supervisors have a team of representatives they look after to ensure the objective and goal requirements are met.. The manager has the Power between each role is determined by the level of either seniority or the goals the individual has metcomplete power to influence the business needs and is the only person in that role. There are seven supervisors and each role of power is set up by the way the support their team. Some have more power than others depending on the ranking of their teams. Each holds power reflecting his or her personality. The manager of our center enforces "legitimate" power because the length of service with Alltel and how the center is driven. The employees respect the manager because of the work accomplished and the way the center is enforced. The supervisors have different ideas for their source of power....

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