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Politics; Business As Usual Essay

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AbstractOur Political system in the U.S. is more influenced by each parties ambitions, greed, and power. Our Politicians, who represent our interest in the vast complexity of government, tend to spend more time arguing over which party the Democrats or the Republicans carry a vast majority of the American's best interest."Politics" Business as UsualIf congress was to pass a bill banning the lobbyist of special interest groups and contributions that are made to each of the respective parties during the election process, would our Politicians have a more common ground on the issue concerning legislation?The truth is that our current system as evolved with such value placed on big money in complex legislation and lengthy documentation that it's almost impossible for any politician to find common ground. On one side you have the Republicans and the other you have the Democrats. Which is the worse of the two evils? The terms Conservative and Liberal are words that almost every Politician has used to describe themselves within their own parties.The talk of bipartisan by leaders within each party is just away to say each party is working to achieve a mutual understanding. Yet there are such vast differences in opinions between Politicians that make bipartisan sound like a joke and a power struggles appears to be the key factor of influence on capital hill. The Medicare prescription-drug bill is a good example how each parties express their differences and how everyone from the parties to the special interest groups had to compromise. The leadership role fell upon Speaker of the House of Representatives J. Dennis Hastert, who brokered an eleventh hour deal to find the votes to get this legislation passed for the President. Latter Hastert told a reporter for the New Yorker that"There comes a point in a vote like that, you know everybody can have their views, their own personal point of view on how something should happen, but when it comes down to a party issue, the President's running on it, the committee's done its work, there's a point where you say, this is what the Party's decided, are you going to stand in the way of letting us get done what we have to get done? It's about our collective opinion and my ability to move legislation, and I depend on your vote" FRANZEN (2003, p. 97)House Speaker Hastert is a veteran politician that you don't hear too much about, but he is dedicated to the office for which he serves. Like Hastert there are politicians that are dedicated to the districts that voted them into office. Each Politician needs to compromise or appease their constituents on matters that concern important issues. Once a politician is elected for office, there is a sense to gain a...

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